Saturday, May 5, 2012

WHAT UNITY!! We were teaching in our sleep!!

SKYPE - I will be online with Skype Sunday at 8 my time here. I will be in the house of the stake President! Haha, oh what fun. Can´t wait to hear from you all. It will be the same as last year. And if there are any problems...we will be ok because Si or Si we will Skype it up! Well, well, well...look who it is. How are you all doing? I´m doing good, sitting here in Lider writing my email to you all. It's been a weird, difficult week. There wasn´t nearly as much wood chopping going on but a bit...I got to go to the house of the sisters yesterday and give a blessing to Hermana Kitto who has been sick lately. We got to their house and found out that they didn´t have a fire going nor chopped wood to make one, so we chopped the wood, and made the fire. But, it died on them. ¡Que FOME! Oh well...I think we will go chop more wood for them tomorrow or more during the week. I also got a special assignment from President to come to his house and set up wireless internet. Pray for's been a while! I love you all so much! Your emails mean the world to me...makes me happy to know you're all well and doing good things. I am so grateful to have you as my family! I really am...I love you all. I am glad to hear that Sam got the guitar does it sound? I haven´t had a whole lot of time to play the guitar this week. It's been full of planning, working with the members, meetings, and planning for my class for the district. It's been hard, and I only hope that I am not made Zone Leader, because I would just die! I can barely take on one distirct let alone a whole zone. Wow, Sam is getting ready to get done with school...what a weird thought. It sucks that I can´t be there with him to see him sweating bullets about what he will do now. It's time to make the choices that will count for life. But, drinking isn´t going to help...sorry to hear that a lot of people started drinking. It can be stressful when all around you is sin. Staying strong will only come by prayer, scripture reading, and going to church. I know that it can be hard, and the invitation to drink with them will come as well. Stay strong, because it's a place you DON´T want to go. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Wow, 22 years of marriage...that is something to be proud of! I can´t believe that time really flies like that. One day, I will be married and I will have my 22 anniversary...and you will how time flies. Haha. Things here have been really good...the other night I woke up to find that WHILE sleeping my companion and I had a conversation. I woke up about 3 am, because I heard myself talking, and when I got up I heard my companion answering me back! It was the weirdest thing ever! I found out that he had been dreaming that we were teaching in his dream to someone and for that reason we were practicing teaching in our dreams. WHAT UNITY! We have some really good people here...the family of Carola and Marcelo! They are amazing...they are catholic. But they both agreed to pray to know if their baptisms there in that church were valid. They have gained so much trust in us. They even gave us cake. As well, we have Muriel. She has a date for the 26th of May to be baptised. But...her dad who is a less active member still needs to go to the bishop to set up the whole repentence he can baptise his daughter. It's a bit hard's coming. Hermano Jaime is the funniest guy ever! He always comes out to teach with us, and all the time he talks about funny experiences he has had and about dreams he has dreamnt. The people here seem to be very willing to talk to us...but just about all of them feel they are too old to change their religion, or they feel they can´t, because they are all catholic in the's the hard part about up here. But the great part is that all of them ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND the importance of going to church and praying and many of them do it! I feel times I feel a bit bad...I feel that my testimony goes up and down. I don´t know why...but I know this is the true church! And it's that very single point that keeps me going. I can never deny that fact. It's funny because it talks about my testimony in my blessing...but it says that it will be undeniable. I am still looking for that day! Haha....

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