Saturday, July 14, 2012

I’m still in Osorno…boy is it going to be good



Sorry it’s a bit’s been a crazy day.

It’s been a good week. I am sticking around for another cambio and boy is it going to be good. We have started working with a part member family and it’s going great. I would use more exclamations, but the key at this computer does not work. That blows... In the picture I was making bread in the house. I like to bake at times.

Having lots of rain? I am glad to see you all get to feel like I do every day... Haha it’s not too bad though, because you get used to it. Haha, today we got a nice sunny day and ate lunch with the whole zone at the mission house with President Rappleye, the Biddolf

s, and the Goodmans. The Goodmans are the new couple missionaries here in the mission.

Poor Sam...sitting all alone. Poor guy, this is why you need to wear Old Spice like Silas does. That gets the ladies. Sucks about the wallet...but guess what...I STILL HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. In yo face¡¡¡¡¡¡¡  Haha, I only get to use the ¡¡ stuff. Those things always get lost. Speaking of haircuts...I need to get mine. Oops..

Silas really is a lot like me. It’s really cool and funny. How is he? How do you like glasses Silas...I expect you to write me, not Mom and Dad. How is the guitar? I might try to learn how to play the Charango from a friend of mine here. It’s a sweet little thing. We sang ( President, Elder Barker, Elder Larsen, Elder Klinkefus, Elder Biddolf and myself) in the mission home a cappella today. Haha, President gave me a high five for singing the melody part. Sorry...I didn`t take my camera with pictures....bummer.

Gentry...I remember her haha. She is really nice and funny. I don`t know if she is member or not. I am almost positive she is. That’s cool she goes to Weber. What does she study there? Do you know?

I get to give a ton of blessings to the missionaries here. I got to give one to Hma Kitto. She dislocated her leg last night doing the splits¡¡¡¡¡  How crazy is that¡¡¡ Originally the Zone leaders were going to give it. She, however wanted to do it in English and asked me to do the blessing part. It was a good blessing, and my understanding was opened and I knew what was happening in her life. She’s very weighed down.

Haha, telling stories of all the problems we gave you huh? I promise to give you more if you really miss it. We did cause a lot of problems. I remember just about all of it. That’s so cool.

I love the mission and I am getting to grow up so much. I love doing things on my own and being responsible for things.

The mission life is hard, but good and full of reasons to be here. Just have to keep going and try your best. That’s the key.

I bought shoes¡¡ They aren’t water proof so, if you haven’t sent a package yet...if you could send water proofing stuff maybe...that would be cool.

I love you all so much.

Take care



“Quacking” ourselves up with Pringles on the way to the Volcan Osorno

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