Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stuck on a Volcano

Hey everyone!

It’s been a crazy day. I have been trapped up on a volcano all day long. I kinda lost my P-Day but it’s not too bad. I am sending pictures. Good to hear that Silas got his drivers permit! That’s great news! He’ll be driving in no time flat. haha, and Sam raking in the money! Not bad at all...Chris works there? That’s so crazy!

As for the whole mission should just always be honest. You need to go. You should pray about it and then decide. You can miss out on the stuff from the mission. And on Christmas, an apostle comes to the MTC and they do a sacrament all together. It takes  a number of loaves of bread but it’s cool I heard.

Papito in Puerta Natales is doing ok. He got back to his home and well they found out it’s from stress that he has these headaches. He will be just fine. Nino, went to the doctor and they are waiting the results. I know she’ll be just fine. It’s a good, strong family. The Lord loves them and does many things to keep them ok and healthy.

As for baptisms...we have one but I am sure it’s going to fall. It’s hard...I have to do a lot (AKA everything) because Elder Larsen just gets way to stressed out and doesn’t focus. I don´t know what to do for him. He says he wants to change...but so far no attempts have been made.

Once again...I can´t buy shoes yet...I will go Monday in the morning. It’s we will find out if I go to another place next week. Just to be safe...I might not be writing you until next Monday. If I change zones it’ll go back to normal. I hope I don´t have to go.

So, we went to Volcano Osorno today...we started up the path, but it got blocked by snow. So, the others left and walked to the top in the pouring rain and snow! I didn’t go...because my surgery cut started to bother me...still does too. So, we stayed with the bus driver and finally...after many prayers we got up to where we needed to go and brought the missionaries back down. It was really good. Hard...but good.

I heard there are a lot of high temperatures and stuff. Here they are really, really low.We’ve all be praying for the rain to stop! Haha...but it doesn’t.

We just gotta keep pushing along. When all seems lost and hard to do...just go a bit more.  That’s how I keep going. Haha, I love you all.

Thanks for writing me!



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