Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Got A New Scripture Cover!!

Hey everyone!

I am doing pretty good these days. It’s been getting a bit hard for us as for the work...lots of times we get down in the dumps or lose interest to work. Its a current, and very common probably in the mission. It can be hard at times. I still haven´t gotten the package yet...but a package did come from Punta Arenas....PICTURES ATTACHED...I got my new hand made leather scripture case! I love it! I can´t wait to get some candy...I have an investigator asking me to bring her some stuff. Haha

JOSH FINALLY GOT THE CALL!!!!!!! I HAVE A FRIEND WHO LOVES NEAR THERE! HE JUST FINSIHED HIS back to the normal letters. That’s so cool! I bet he will be hot all the time...what luck that he doesn’t have to learn another language. It’s really tough to learn a new language. Wow...Halloween is coming up isn’t it. Not too far away...and that means I will almost be ready to be heading home. And Ethan to Mexico...he will probably get shot at least twice and robbed about 5 times. Haha...just remember Ethan not to say ¡QUE TE PASA HOMBRE! at someone who looks unfriendly They might get in your face...My kid in the mission is from Mexico.

The B-B-Q is from before I got my haircut I think. So I look even better than before! The shirt is a shirt I got as a Zone with our picture on it, and our names on the back. Its really cool. As for Elder Larsen and I...we are working on things. We are getting there. Its hard because there is a lot of change. But, good news is the Part member family is well. Raul, called us to come over and told us...why do I feel this peace when you come to my house to teach me...and why don´t I feel this in my own Church. His wife then said, its because your church isn’t the true church. ¡EN TU CARA HOMBRE! Which made him go...oh yeah...could be true. Well, then I am going to go to your church this week to see if I feel the same way. PRAY HARD THEY GET THERE!

That guy looks just like Sam!! That’s so look pretty skinny there dude....shouldn’t you be lifting weights of something like that? I have plan to look so good when I get back for the Mina (Means babe in Chilean) searching I will be doing...Because during December it will be summer and I can run in the mornings. That’s so weird to see you with a twin...

Glad to hear you go the upgrade! Its about time they did something about it....I bet you its a lot nicer. Speaking of cool new stuff...the church has some really good new videos about Chirst! You should check them out.

I am doing well...trying to over come my imperfections and my anxiety problem. This means that when I make a mistake I feel really bad...and it bugs me so bad I get sick (Headache, I don´t want to eat...etc). I will keep trucking along...let’s hope to see another baptism this Agosto! School starts soon....MUHAHAHA!

I love you all...thanks for the prayers.




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