Saturday, July 21, 2012

It’s been a bit of a hard week, but I’m still staying strong in my new Guante shoes


Hey Family!

I am writing from the Church, because we are filling up the Font for a baptism. It’s going to be a great day for the Antillanca Ward. It’s been a really interesting week for me as a district leader. Lots of stuff happening in these parts, and even more stuff for me to take part in. It all started with Hermana Kitto. She was showing the other girls the other night that she could  do the she did so, her knee popped out of its place! She DISLOCATED HER LEG! So, she got it back in place and put ice on it. Then last Saturday at the party, everyone left and I stuck around to help president out with his computers and she asked me to give her a blessing. It was one of the most personal blessings yet. I got done...she was so happy from what God had to say. Then I walked around the corner to find the president, his wife, and the Goodmans all silently listening. It was funny. Then Hermana Perez, and Hermana Lanzas had a hard week. I had talked about unity in our district meeting. brought everyone to really think how we are doing with our companion. They decided to talk about the things that they wanted to work on...and it was hard to take for the both of them. I got a call about 4 in the afternoon and told to go to their house. I went, and we talked a bit about stuff. Then, I asked for them to allow me to give them a blessing. They both wanted one. The blessings...were amazing.

I like your haircut Sam. I got mine today. You look so funny in the picture! Haha.Silas, you steal´n my bird?  That’s so funny he thinks that Silas is me, must be good looking then! And a driving maniac! Just like the good ol´ days. Sounds like you’re a good driver too. Makes me proud. Have you taken out the old Silver Bullet yet? I didn´t get to learn the Charango today because I have to get stuff ready here. It’s been pretty cool to have stuff like that here.

I am loving the whole package thing. It will be sweet to eat the sweets. As for me, I have been making friends with the locale street dogs. We have a dog who has followed us around for about 2 weeks. He is named Amigo, and he is a good looking dog. Very well behaved, but it’s a bit hard to walk about with a dog at the right side of ya all the time.

I heard about the batman guy the other day...that’s so messed up. People are losing themselves in the world. There are way to many voices, all wanting to talk to us and tell us what to do. The getting worse. What can we do but keep going with what God says. We must preach and show these people exactly who God is, and why we are here. It’s hard because we find people, lost, who just don´t know what to do.

It’s been a bit of a hard week for me, but still staying strong. Keep reading everyday the will keep you on the right track. I know that if we read the scriptures everyday, pray and go to church we cannot be lead astray by the evil and cunning plan of the adversary.

Guante is the shoe I’s made here in Chile and I heard they are really good. I like them and they actually fit well.





I love you all so much.

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