Monday, October 15, 2012

Elder Marcel does a great job

Hey family!

About the Garments...I tried to get permission to buy them online but they wouldn´t let me. So I asked how we can do it, and they told me they were just going to call you. It was so lame....I didn´t like it. I could have done it in like 5 minutes. We have been having some problems with the New APs. They´ve gone either power hungry or just down right lame with stuff. Everything has to be done with permission, but they have been saying no to everything we want to do no. It’s really lame.

The mission life is going well...I am having a good time here. We played soccer and volleyball today with the zone (after a long hour of trying to get permission). My companion is really cool. Elder Marcel does a great job working. It’s been hard to get used to having 4 missionaries in the house. I found out that a friend of mine from here got called to the Salt Lake City South mission!!! He will be going there in February and I will be home in March. It’s going to be so sweet.... The momita here is a good one. She gives us all the normal Chilean food. She does our laundry for us, too. We HAD 9 people getting ready to be baptized, but they didn´t come to church, so now we only have 5 people. Pray that they can get there and do all they need to do.

I hope Sam gets called to a mission out of the States. Maybe it will be a really weird place he gets to go. But maybe he´ll get sent to Chile! FINGERS CROSSED!

Sounds like the good jokes on Mom are still happening. Haha, I loved scaring her to.

Sounds like everyone there is having a good time in school and NOT WORKING SAM. It’s been really interesting for me these past couple days. We had so many miracles happen. We found a ton of people and taught a ton of lessons. But, we got to taste the bitterness of opposition. Some of them didn´t get to church, and others changed their mind about being baptized. It’s been interesting. I have been trying my best to change my way of praying. I have been trying to master fervent praying. It’s hard work. I, at times, fall into the same old rote way of praying.

How are all of you doing? I hope your all well. How’s the scripture study and other spiritual stuff going? Sounds like Mom liked the general conference. It’s good stuff to work on your family history. I want to work on it when I get home. I think that it will be sweet to get to know the family.

I love you all. Take care and stay on the good narrow path.



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