Monday, October 29, 2012

Hermano, yo sé que soy un borracho, pero ¿puedes orar por nosotros?

Hey Family!

  Wow, it’s the end of October. Where did the month go...the cambio is almost over, too (2 weeks left). Tomorrow President Rappleye will start the cambios. It’s been going well for me...been a bit tough with the other two guys in the house. One is very prideful and has attitude problems. It’s hard on all of us...we always try to stay away from anything that could cause him to want to fight.

Mark from Upgrades ETC...sent me an email. HE STARTED HIS OWN BUSINESS! Haha, I was so happy to hear that it’s going well. He says it’s paying off and will probably open a shop in Tooele. It’s so funny! 

Sounds like Josh is pretty much gone! He looks good in a suit and tie. Hope he likes things humid and hot! He might try to do some "work" on the car. I am sure he can pull out another 5 miles to the gallon. Sounds like the soup was inspired. I bet it helped to have you all there to support them. Now, Sam will be heading out. When I get one will be there. It’s so strange. I still can´t get over that it’s been almost 2 years.

Rian looks a lot like her Mom and Sam´s looking pretty skinny in these pictures. He looks bigger, too. Has he grown? 

I am glad I never started drinking or drugs! Here in Chile, I have seen the lives of people completely DESTORYED by drinking. The other day...we were contacting people in the street. 5 or 6 drunks asked for Cien Pesos (less than a quarter) so they could buy something to "drink". I stopped and said I couldn’t give them any money, but I had a card they could call to get a Book of Mormon. As I walked away, one of them called me back and asked me, "Hermano, yo sé que soy un borracho, pero ¿puedes orar por nosotros? (Brother, I know I am a drunk but could you please pray for us?). This was in a very busy street...but I decided to sit down with them and pray. My companion was stunned. He couldn´t believe that I prayed there with them. After the prayer I shook each by the hand and told them to take care. They all looked at me with smiles... I couldn´t believe I had done that. Lets hope they remember. It seems that the "Better, more free life"...seems to end up being enslaved by some power (Drinking, Money, Drugs, Etc...) and just losing all hope.

Sunday, I had to lead the music again in church. I remember having to do it in Puerto Natales! I don´t know why I had to do a ward of 100 people. But, I did it. COOL HUH? We had 7 people come to church and a baptism this Saturday! It was THE WORST week I´ve had in a while.

Well...I sent some pictures of the house. I hope you enjoy them.

I love you all very much. Please, take care.



Welcome to our home!!!


The other White House


Elder Marcel, our study area, and my guitar


Our room and our window leak


My bed


Our view


Dear diary, my gringo companion is very strange!!!

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