Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to Ecuador for a Baptism!!!

PICTURES!!  I hope you like them...I got called to go back to the Ecuador Ward to baptize the investigator I had found with Elder Barriga. In one of the pictures you can see that I am a bit...ODD. The mother of Daniel put her arm around me. It was really weird...haha but my face is priceless! It was super cool! It was good to see all my old friends and Bishop. He got a little water in his eye when I had to go again.

Things here have continued to go down hill. It’s been hard on everyone. Missionaries become unmotivated, investigators pick up on it and lose their will to progress. It’s really sad. 

As for the end of the mission coming up...I still haven’t thought much about it. I think it will hit me when I get my Carta Moroni. It’s a letter that tells you that you have 3 months left and they need to update your info to be able to send you home. Maybe then it will take a bigger effect. However, I am glad to hear that Kayleigh is ready to come pick me up. I will probably still be in Spanish she better start practicing Spanish!

As for Christmas, I really don´t have any idea of what you could send me. The truth is that I don´t know what I will need...after Christmas I will have like 2 transfers left till I get home. Maybe just send me candy and socks or something. Sorry, can´t really help you out too much.

Sounds like fun having to run around and getting stuff ready for Sam. It’s hard work, but in the end it’s worth it. It will be weird to not see Sam when I get home. However, I have gotten use to not seeing him. Shouldn´t be too hard...

The other day we had a class on the Word of Wisdom and an investigator was there. He read a scripture wrong and a guy in the class completely destroyed him. It was HORRIBLE! It started a huge fight between brethren...and in the end Nacho (the teacher) stopped it by destroying the guy who attacked the investigator. Haha, it was so funny.

Thanks for writing me...sorry I don´t have any crazy stories. I do love you all!

Take Care,


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