Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This week has been really good!


This week has been really good! We just blew this week up! We will be having another baptism this Saturday, and they picked me to do the baptizing! The last baptism was of Daniela. We found her when we were contacting on a Sunday. She had always wanted to be a Mormon but her mom never let her become one. She is now in Santiago. She says she wants to work in Australia. I am glad you liked the pictures, it was one of the weirdest things to happen to me in the mission.

Sounds like everyone has gotten MISSION FEVER! I will get home and not a single person will be there...not a single one. I remember when I got my call and then I started finding all kinds of Chileans in Tooele. It is so crazy. From the looks of things it sounds like Sam is having the same thing happen...but with his “small” people. I know he will have a good time on his mission. It’s a great thing to do and in the beginning it might be hard, but if he will just hold out it will become his life!

I am glad Emilee put in papers to go on the mission! It will be a good thing for her. She had always said she wanted to go. I am glad that she could finally achieve her wishes. Its fits that she should go to France as well. She always had a love for Europe and stuff.

Today came letters from the ward and the young women. Haha, I will now go home and open them and read them all. Hopefully I can answer them all. It will be sweet to see how everyone is doing. Thanks for sending me the package, I am sure it will be awesome. Hey...those garments never got here. I don´t know if you can check to see if they got here.

Silas, the big 16 years old! Wow, I can´t believe he is 16 years old. It just seems like yesterday that you sent me an email to say that he was turning 15. Now, when I get home I will be driven by my little brother to the house. How strange! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SILAS, I hope you have a good birthday and everything goes well.

Sorry that I am emailing on Tuesday...we had a Thanksgiving dinner in the mission home today, so they changed P-day to today. It was really good...I got to see lots of NEW faces in the mission.

Take care!

With Love


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