Monday, November 5, 2012

It will be really weird...Within the next 2 to 3 weeks my Carta Moroni should be getting here

Hey Family!! Looks like the difficulties of the mission life have come again. The baptisms we should be having will not be happening. It’s really lame...but hey that’s ok. I don´t think I will be leaving here until the final...cambio. It will be really weird...Within the next 2 to 3 weeks my Carta Moroni should be getting here. It’s the letter that asks for your info about your house before you go home. As for the stuff about Sam....I would follow the packet as close as you can. Waterpoof backpacks and rain gear will be very, very good to have there. The water proofing stuff only works for a bit...water is starting to get back in. To water proof here we put all our stuff in a plastic bag and close it up. Get him 2 thin but well closed (and with a good hood) coats so he can use one and wash the other. And if you can...try to find him some type of rain pants that go over his nice pants. Here I put on my normal pants and when it starts to rain I put on a second pair of waterproof pants to keep me dry. But we are coming out of the rainy season. As for the things are much more expensive here than they are there. For example a liter of milk is 650 pesos, or like a $1.25. There you buy 4 liters of milk for the same price. All missions are different...all presidents are different too. The double sheets are so that he can wash one and have the other ready. When I was in the MTC you had to use your own...but if you didn´t have some they provided bedding. Hopefully I answered all your questions. Sam is lucky to not being learning a language, because he gets into the field’s a lot easier to learn scriptures and other things. Plus he will have a great time with the people, because he can visit them again really easy. Tell him to start reading the stuff in don´t really have to study it but just read it. Sounds like it was hard for Daniel  Arnold to have his big brother leave. But he’s lucky...he will be able to see him again when he gets back. 2 years will go by in a wink of an eye and things will go back to normal. As for me I am getting close to the end of that very wink. It’s hard to get close to the end of the mission for 2 reasons; the first, is that you try your hardest and God throws down the hardest cards he´s got to try us and form us. Second, your body starts to wear down. I have been getting slower and the weight on my shoulders gets heavier. Things in my life are good....I am hoping I end my mission as a district leader. Shortly, this month which now has just started will be over and I will be making plans to talk over Skype with you all. It’s so crazy how fast time goes. Thanks for loving me! I love you all. With love, Ben

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