Monday, January 14, 2013

Faith of a Child and Coming Home March 15th!!

I’m a dead man and one that is coming home early too. To be truthful I was in the office fixing computers when the email got there. The office elders flipped out and started calling me a dead man. Looks like I will be home one week early. I GET TO GO HOME WITH ELDER HAUVER! It’s going to be so sweet. And of course they put us on the longest route home looks like. I like my lamb crucified and cooked on an open fire. Just like the good ol´ days in Puerto Natales.

Keep the SD card around and in a safe place. When I get back I can try to take a "crack" at it. HAHA! I have never done something like that but I can figure it out with a good prayer of faith and research.

Speaking about computers...I WAS AN IDIOT and let my companion buy a DS for his brother thinking that he was going to send it the same day. He told me he had the address...he didn’t. I had to talk with the Zone Leaders to make plan for the APs to come take it away from him. President got mad...and I don´t blame him. I was told his words were...What was Burge thinking? Felt pretty bad about the whole deal and prayed and started making calls to say sorry to the Zone Leaders, APs and today an email to president. I was dumb to believe him.

He just keeps going back to his same old ways. He progresses to a point then falls back down and progresses to the same point and goes back again. I am so tired of it. But, the Lord sent him to me for a reason and I will do what I can do to help him. Even if it kills me, it will be worth it. One good missionary and hundreds of baptized people. That sounds worth it to me.

I haven´t heard from Sam. I told him not to write me until he gets permission from his president. I will continue to write to him. It sounds like a good place for him there in the mission. I have a feeling he will baptize a ton of people there.

Remember to get blessings for the illnesses that have come over you all. It’s so very important that that happens, I got my butt kicked hard by God the other day. I was really mad for a few things that happened here. Then in Priesthood someone talked about the faith of a child...and I felt that light, warm punch to my soul! I knew what I have to do, and I do just so. I felt good afterwards.

Hang in there....and God will hang in with us until our trials are over and we return to that God that gave us life.

I love you all!

Elder Burge

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