Monday, January 28, 2013

Valdivia is pretty sweet

Hey family!

There seems to be lots of surprises happening lately. I already heard that Ewok got ANOTHER sube cambio and that he didn´t get along. The guy has problems. Valdiva is pretty’s been cool because we go play soccer every other day, and the days when we don´t go play I lift weights that I found in the house. We are doing really well here. We have tripled the amount of lessons I was teaching with Ewok and any other companion! When I got here there weren´t any investigators and now we found like 15 new people who could become investigators. I am in the Zone Valdivia. I thought for sure that I was an eternal district leader but looks like that isn´t true. These two families in the last photos I sent were some families from Rahue. The first family where I have a dog on my shirt is a family of an Investigator who is waiting to be divorced. The last is a family of some members that I really had a good time with.

We have to stay faithful...this is what I have learned this week. I have noticed that all the stuff I study is pointed to pray and fast. I think that I need to really focus on that while I end my mission and start making life choices. I grow in faith as I ask for certain things and receive answers to my prayers. God is great, and strong and all powerful. I love him very much.


Thanks for sending me information about the school stuff. I am have no Idea what to do or where to go. I think it would be cool to go into new tech stuff and invent stuff. I have no idea what field that would be...and I also like the IT security stuff. It’s a tough choice. I think I am going to have to fast and pray to know what to do in this stage of life. I really don't have any Idea what to do. I printed the email off to think about it a little later on.

As for the work, things are going well here. I am trying the best I can. Being zone leader is much more relaxing. There isn't nearly as much work that I have to do. As a district leader I had to do a lot of work and training drained me. As a zone leader everything goes well, you have a good companion who works and you don't have to prepare classes.

It’s been good.... I don´t really have much to say this week. It’s really pretty much been easy. I am thankful that you always write me...not much time left till we talk in person. Thanks for all your help.

I love you all!

Elder Burge

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