Monday, January 7, 2013

I’m starting to smell like a dead guy

What a weird thing is it for Sam to be leaving huh? I remember that day when I left and it feels like only yesterday it happened. It sounds like he is kinda nervous and everything. He will do really good. Everything will go well for him. He is just beginning his trip and I am coming to the end of mine. Everyone brings it up here. All the missionaries are like, you’re a dead guy! Some others are telling me I smell like a dead guy. I had interviews with President Rappleye the other day. When I sat in the chair he looked at my picture and the feeling in the room became very sad. He then told me, "well you don´t have much time left." I felt sad, and I am sure he felt sad. We talked about setting goals, and he asked me what my last goal was for the mission. I told him...I want to bring the sector back up to where it was at before my companion got here. He smiled and taught me some tricks on how to goal set. He told me that I would become a powerful instrument in the hands of God if I could learn to goal set really well. He then told me to not get trunky. Hahaha. Things are really started to come to an end. GO SILAS! I am glad to hear he blessed the sacrament. I remember that time I had to do it over like 3 times before it finally came out. I felt so embrassed when that happened. What luck he didn´t have a moment like that happen. It sure does sound like things are going well for him. Haha, I am so glad that he is saving the shows for me. That week that we’ll have will be pretty sweet.  I will be really excited to hang out with him and you guys. The garments haven´t gotten here yet. I might just have you call them and try to get your money back. I can try to find some other way to buy garments. I will just have to think about how to do it. Thanks for sending me some college information. I really don´t know where to go to college...Maybe you could see who has a good computer program. I haven´t thought about where to go or what to do. I am kinda lost on that part of things. For me I have no idea where to go or what to do.  As for me...things are going well. I am trying my hardest to keep things going. I keep running into problems with my companion but oh well. Just have to keep going with faith and diligence. I am not be required to be perfect but God wants me to try. I always seem to run out of things to say. Things really are getting close. I love you all. Take care, Ben

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