Monday, February 11, 2013

An experience from reading the Book of Mormon

Hey family!

Looks like your right...Last week’s email didn´t get there! I’m sorry...I sent the email again. I am doing well! Remember in the first of my mission I got here with some Latin Elders? One of them is now my companion! Elder Roberto Amato. He is awesome. He reminds me a lot of Josh. He has the same way of speaking and is really cool. He is from Mendosa, Argentina. He was here before me, then he got into a accident with his foot and well...had to go to Osorno to rest for about a month. Now he is back and working well. The week has been kinda hard for us. Lots of rain again, and the people this week were really busy. We did however have a family of 2 come to church. They are Yasna (Jasna) and Alexandra. It’s a mom and her daughter, but they are amazing and she had a great experience with the Book of Mormon. She read it, and couldn´t sleep the entire night. She finally just got up and starting cleaning the house and left to go do some stuff. She didn´t feel tired and it was raining (which she hates) and she said she felt a burning in her chest. She was filled with joy, and she then for some reason knew that it came from reading the Book of Mormon. It was amazing! She is now progressing well.

Time is sure flying by. Not much time till I am on a plane going back home. It’s now come down to working as best as I can to keep working hard. To be honest, at times it’s hard. After 2 years of work you’re tired. But I will keep on going!

Mom dreamed shoes are dead (tennis shoes). They are held together by the last of the glue they used to make them with. It’s so funny! I got a good 2 years out of these guys! What do they want me to talk about when I get back?

As for the birthday package...don´t worry about sending it. I would love to receive money to buy gifts for you all! I already went looking and found a few things I want to buy for you. Haha, I hope you´ll like what I want to get you. It’s a secret so you can´t know anything about them till I get there! I want you all to have something that you can show off to all your friends.

As for me, I am doing well. Everyone here brings up the fact that I end my mission and ask me if I am ready to go home. It started raining again, something that I won´t miss at all. I used to love the rain...but I don´t now....haha.

I love you all,

Con Cariño

Elder Burge

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