Monday, February 11, 2013

Now more than ever we need to be strong…

Hey family

It’s sad to hear the Ace died. I know he will be ok. We will just have to wait till he becomes a GIANT RESURRECTED ANGEL BIRD OF DEATH! Haha, things will go well. As for me, the whole death thing isn´t that bad. Its getting easier to handle. I feel sad, but I know what happens. So that brings me a sweet peace that comforts my soul. At least you did your best to make him feel better. I am relieved to hear that the others are doing ok! At least they can keep being happy!

The patriarchal blessing of Kayleigh sounds BAKAN (cool)! She is lucky...seems to me like maybe she´ll be around still when the Lord comes. I am sure that part about death will be important later in her life. The Lord always prepares us for the hard things to come in our life. So, now all of us have our blessings...does Silas have his?

We live in times when people will be confused and lost in the world. Now more than ever will we need to be strong reading the scriptures, praying much, and going to church. It’s sad...I feel that the entire world is going down hill much faster every single day. I don´t know what to think...I feel sad. I can feel the adversary trying harder every day to make me fall into small things. Many missionaries are becoming unmotivated.  Many doubt and have trouble with past sins. It’s a raging battle field out here. Prepare as best that you can.

Thanks for sending the information about college. I have prayed and fasted for answers. I know that they will come. I have a feeling that you will give me the answer in the things you send. What kind of cool things do the computer scientists do? It’s been so long since I have been able to learn about the different parts of my hobby. I am thankful for your help. I love you.

Well...I will send a few pictures.


The mission logo


A delicious Chilean sandwich


How are you going to eat all of that Elder?


The seals are always ready to get dunked!!!


Stocked up with my favorite desserts

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