Monday, February 18, 2013

In less than a month…I’ll be there!!


I am completely with you. In less than a month I will be there in the house again. So strange...We are inviting people to be baptized for a date that I won´t be here in Chile. Yasna and Alexandra are doing well...we have been sharing with them this week. They didn´t get to church because Alexandra was tired. She stayed up until 2 in the morning watching tv. We have a Noche de Hogar tonight and they are coming! WHOO HOO! As for Elder Ewok....he got another change. President is losing his patience with him. If he isn´t careful, he might just end up getting sent home. He still hasn´t told anyone why he came on the mission. The reason that I believe he is here is for his girlfriend (the daughter of the stake president). I hold the record for the most time with Elder Hurtado! And I hold the most respect too...they told me he is always asking how I am. Haha

YA! Silas is driving! He will be driving by himself in no time flat. I was way nervous about driving with Yearby. He has to tell him for me! My sister is a crazy, playing basketball chic! That’s pretty cool. I am pretty good now with a soccerball under my feet.

Resounding joy......I have felt resounding joy. You don´t feel it all the time...but its part of the mission. Like for example Elder Amato is really inpatience with the people. He yells at them and gets mad. He makes rude comments and other things. The sector is now one wants to talk with us. He also, doesn´t try very much to do things. He doesn´t want to do much...I think he is a bit trunky. It’s been tough.
As for the birthday money...that sounds fine to me! I will be happy to buy you all something cool!
As for my shouldn´t be too bad. I am not used to speaking for 20-30 minutes. No hay problema. It will be weird to sing, pray, talk, and stuff in English. So strange...

Until next week! Take care!

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