Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Fools!!!

Well, look who it is...my family!
Thank you so much for sending me that stuff, everyone loved the pictures and the candy! We have been snacking on it all night, by we I mean my entire zone! haha.
I loved priesthood session! I was so excited.  When we got to la clase I was bouncing off the walls, telling stories, and just had a good 'ol time! I noticed the marriage thing to...its very strange now all the stuff has shifted to marriage...I guess I will just have to work hard once I get back to find my girl. (All the pressure in the world) I loved the fact that they were completely happy and stern...it was the funniest thing I have ever seen.
We actually got to see the MTC thing, and boy was it funny! Everytime a chilean missionary would come up, we would fist bump, and then when a girl going to Chile would be on, we would all go...YEAH WE GOT THE BEAUTIFUL SISTERS! It was so crazy, and so much fun! We all kept making jokes like...the MTC looks so cool, I wish I could go there! As for the digital missionaries, I think they do a full 2 year mission...But I think they get transfered to outside the MTC. Haha, ya...I will be sending a few pictures home of my room and stuff today. I am almost certain that nothing here has changed since you were here. As for the laundry room, we usally just write in the morning near our clase and then while in the laundry room we just chill with each other telling stories and talking about Red Robin food. On our extra mail time we sneek into the computer lab while the sisters are out doing service and we email...after email we have about 40 minutes of free time, which we usually use to study more. The electric box covers have all been checked and we only found an Almond Joy in ours...but I will be leaving things in them...oh yes...many wonderful things...
So on April 1st, we were all sleeping in our beds...warm and happy...when out of no where I noticed the light was on. I thought it was time to get up, so I got up to find Elder Nolte trying to get into one of our drawers and an alarm going off. I got up, went over only to find that someone an locked it shut with a brand new combo lock! I quickly looked at the time on my watch and found it only to be 2:30 A.M. We were so confused as to how someone could have gotten into our room. So, we tried and tried to get the lock off (the entire time the clock was beeping, and had been since 1 A.M apparently) but with no luck. So I tried to make a pick from a soda can and cut my thumb! So I quickly bandaged myself up and went for round two. Suddenly it stopped...we were so happy! So the next day we got the number on the back of the lock went to the front desk only to find that it wasn't one of the MTC's. So we got security who came down, and cut the stupid thing off! Guess, who's clock it was...MINE! Stupid thing...then the next morning we found about 100 little Cadbury Eggs out in front of the door when I went to shower! Someone is playing tricks on us...
Tell Sam, to ignore Luke. Haha, and that he will have to put them on Youtube so that when I get home I can see them.
Aww, well Spanish is going ok. Its weird because I am starting to be able to read El Libro De Mormon. Stranger than that...I was able to go half of Saturday speaking only simple Spanish...but it caused problems because Elder Nolte wanted to as well and his companion didn't want to...and got mad.
I am sending home a model picture of one of our sisters in our district! Haha, and one of my companion. I will see if you can figure out who my companion is. I love this place so much, and I honestly I haven't been home sick at all. My sickness hasn't returned, my mind is filled with information I never thought I knew, and I feel happy. Frustration does set in...and the language does come slow most of the time, but for some reason...I don't care...my days are starting to blend together and I am making so many friends here.
We have story night, every night, in our room with our Elders. Its funny to hear some, and sad to hear some. Elder Davis has died once...Elder Larson broke his femur when he was little, Elder Nolte is 24, and I have a wicked awesome car!
Can you have Sam ask Josh which email he wants me to send emails to?
I love you all very much, and its amazing how fast this is truly going...Doesn't feel like 3 weeks.
I am taking requests for pictures...I think we will do a Matrix picture...that would be a cool one to send home!
Well, gotta run...breakfast time!
All the Hermanas say hey to KayKay and I say HEY WHAT A WONDERFUL KIND OF DAY!
Name that show!?
Elder Burge

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