Monday, May 30, 2011

I love this place so much...and I hate it too

Alright, let me attach some pictures real quick. This keyboard is weird...
I have been doing pretty well here...I have had my moments where I just want to die. The language is killing me. Although it is killing me, I have given up worrying about it...or I am trying to. I just talk when I can...whevenever I can. I teach english to my companion and to the miembros. The people here are missing teeth...most nights its solely drunks in the street. However, I feel good today. The people can be super nice or super mean. Haha, Its a bit weird. As for contacting we just head out to the main street. The town is super not a ton of places to go out and do stuff. Its been pretty difficult because its the same people sometimes.

Carlos, who is 18, is going to be baptised on the 25th!!! We have another Sabatian, but his mother doesn´t want him to be baptised. We meet him, when visiting Pablo...I will have to get his gamer tag for you guys. He plays Halo Reach! Its so crazy, Carlos has been an investigator for almost a year...then out of no where we went to visit him and he said he got an answer. Sebatian, the first time we taught him a few days ago said he would pray. Well, him and Pablo prayed that night and he got the answer. Pablo said, "He was praying and he stopped. He turned to me and said...I know its true." Haha, its so crazy. A lot of people think that I am the milk man.

Hermano Florez had a dream...I dont know if I told you. But he dreamt that a missionary came to a barn and he was milking a cow. And Hermano Florez, looked at the bucket and it was over flowing. He now says that the Cow is Lago Ranco, and the bucket is people of the church. Haha, so they think I am the milk man.

They found out I played guitar in sacrament meeting haha...I introduced myself. Or I tried to...

My momita. She is a very quiet lady...I don´t think she likes me. I can't eat as much as I thought I could. I usually ask for a little less. But she feeds me all kinds of stuff. We had fish...I just shoved it down my throat. We have soup everyday...and then either meat or some kind of potato thing. I love making my own food though. Its so much easier!! The other day in a contact, a little boy...gave us each some candy. Haha, he was so proud that he could do that for us. I thanked him a ton.

The candy here is freak'n awesome!!! I love it so much...the chocolate is ok. Its the crappy kind of chocolate in Utah. I found out that peanut butter is super expensive. So...I don't buy it anymore. 

Today, right now I am in Osorno. We came for my visa stuff but they aren't open. Only Wednesdays. What crap...2 and a half hours to get here. Although the second bus was pretty sweet. Haha.

I love this place so much...and I hate it too.

Elder Muñoz says Hiiiii....

That is so crazy, so many changes are happening back at home. Haha, you have to tell Josh hi for me! Its crazy...everyone is going out for track huh? Well, you will just have to send me pictures of Mr. Fezz!! I miss him so much...I miss you all. Although I have been a little homesick. I just work harder and I forget about stuff at home.
I forgot to tell you... I am staying very warm. I don´t know what it is...but I have been very blessed. When I pray for no rain. When I ask for all kinds of stuff it just happens. Its been a crazy experience. I ask for contacts and 10 people came...I ask for Carlos and Sebatian to get answers...they did. Its been crazy. So yes I am doing very very well. Warm and all....

I will try to take a lot more pictures...I think I added some of the church...its tiny!

Well, I love you all very much....

I will talk to you again in a week.

Con amor,
Elder Burge

 Upstairs where we sleep in our spacious home
 Wood-fired heater for our home
My study area in our house
 Elder Munoz - my companion
Momita's - where we eat lunch

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