Monday, August 1, 2011

Its been really tough, but revelation is getting easier to hear

Here there,
Haha, yeah its been really tough...before I forget just like 10 minutes ago (while shopping for food) I met an old man who knows Spanish, English, French, and Italian. Haha, he randomly started talking to me, haha, he told me I should only speak the language of the country I am in. I think this is a revelation...along with that the way I get revelation now its getting easier to hear, and honestly I had a prayer that was like a conversation with instant replies. I could hear a voice, clear and strong, as I prayed with my whole heart for Lago Ranco to have success, and to ask how I was doing with the Sector. It was very strange, and this morning during study I had more revelation. Its been a good day.
Sorry, the email is super late...we had an activity, and now I don´t have much time to write. I wanted to write first, but Elder Muñoz wanted to go first to the activity. So we did, and now we are late...and I don´t have time (AGAIN) to send pictures... I have a lot of pictures, so next week for sure I will send a ton for you all. I will probably be transfered next week to a new area...scary! So I will have some more pictures the Monday after that, too.
Oh, I remember the trip to LA, that was so crazy. Haha, I am glad VZ navigator is here to help!
Wow, Dave is getting married already?! Haha, thats a good way to go about in about 3 months Elder Muñoz will be home and looking around for a wife, too! Haha, thats crazy, as for me I have some time - which I like. I am sure Dave will be good at the married life. I am glad to see that he´s getting right to living life! This is a really good thing.
The ash is crazy haha, its gone to all the cities around us. We have been lucky, and no ash for us since a few a weeks ago! However, I saw something really cool, and it happens a lot here in Lago Ranco. I saw the biggest shooting star in my life! It was HUGE! And it had a rainbow trail. This is the 3rd one in 2 weeks! Haha, Elder Muñoz thinks I will either go to Puntas Areas or Chiloé next...who knows what will happen.
Tell Fezz that I got to see some wild parrots here! They are all over the place and have a ton of sounds they can do. I met someone who has one and he told me Hello!! Crazy, English speaking parrot in Chile.
Yeah, my momita is still in the states, but she should be coming back soon...I think I will leave before she does. YAY, a package! Haha, no big deal...I am a lot better with my money than I thought I would be. Its good, I won´t go hungry. The Lord provides for his servants. As long as I put others before me, I will always have food.
The other day, I wanted to find a new person to teach because the Sector is dying!! And I looked at a house and said, either this house or the one next to it has a person who needs us. And sure enough, the house next to the house I pointed to had an old woman. She was quick to tell us to go away, but right before we left, the voice told me to ask if she needed help. She started to cry, and told us about how her husband is super sick and she is worried about him. I cried too...I understood each and every word she said. We told her we would come back and chop wood for her stove. And we gave her our number if she needed help. Elder Muñoz was amazed by that prompting...and so was I.
I am glad Sam loved the video haha, its good.
Thank you for your love and support. Just wanted to let you know your prayers are working. I seem to find the strength to get up every single day and work with all my heart. I love talking with people...which is strange, because before I couldn´t even go through a restaurant drive thru without a little bit a fear. I pray for all of you as well.
Thank you for being good parents to me...thank you Silas for forgiving me. I am excited...I have some music for us to listen to when I get home. Its so crazy weird...
Bennie Boo

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