Monday, August 22, 2011

Momita has some my visa is done!!!!

Haha, I am glad that everything is going well for you all.

Poor Elder and my companion are having a few problems of our own...he has become so lazy and the other night he made me plan by myself. Its really hard, I am trying to not kill him...I don´t know its really really weird. He changed so much since the first week. I feel for Elder Lund and his new comp.

I haven´t gotten the package yet, its probably because I am here in Puerto Natales. We don´t get things for about another week after it gets to Punta Arenas. I am sending some pictures of the food, the town, my comp, and some other stuff. I will take more...I love the momita here. Haha the other day she told us if we put my hair and Elder Galarza's hair in a puddle of water they would bond we did it and we were watching when all the sudden her hand came down and slapped the puddle and water got all over us. Haha, she and popito were laughing so hard. And so was I... Haha they are good.

Yeah, its true over 500 members but 27 attended church last week. Its really sad...but they won´t come. We have tried talking to them and everything. I think the members need to work with them more than we do. Honestly, they stopped going for really dumb reasons. They forget is for God, and Jesus...not for the members or missionaries.

Yeah, hopefully my Spanish will improve...I just need to work harder at making it better. I know that its mostly my fault for it starting to slow down again. I need to keep studying...more and more! I make so many mistakes...I love talking and I try to talk too. So, that is good.

Time to tell you what happened with my visa. I am going back to the states...JUST KIDDING. Haha, no...Momita has some contacts...and had someone call the PDI and tell them that I was cool. Haha, its was freak´n crazy. We went into the PDI and he was're good to go. Just go to this place...and now your visa is done. Like...weird...right? So I am good to go and all!

Elder Galarza knows the Pink Panther theme song! I want to learn it so so bad. Momita, cooks very American like and gives us a ton of food. She made a pizza and first gave us each half of it. Then she had another, and gave me another 1/4 or the pizza because I could eat more. She you have room in your stomach to eat and I said yeah...and BOOM more food! Haha She cooks so well...I love it.

Haha, I love Fezz. It will be really cool to see him again in 19 weird is that? It feels like such a short time. I just hope I can do better than I have with my teaching and helping people progress...I have had 0 baptisms. Crappy...

Tell Silas, and Kayleigh Hi for me! And tell Fezz, Ace, and Muffin I love them very much! Haha

Things here are good...and I am glad I got to come to this place. Its been very cool to see the end of the World. Summer is coming really soon..this is something that I am really happy about!! Haha...

I love you all

Airline ticket to Punta Arenas

Elder Galarza & Elder Burge

Me down by the waterfront

Pilot boats & navy ships

Puerto Natales

Another view of Puerto Natales

Catholic church near center of town

Momita's awesome cooking!!!

Out on the town

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