Monday, August 29, 2011

I know the branch can help me...and so can Heavenly Father, and Christ...

De Nada...haha its been really weird. Its just like Utah...always rain, snow, sun, and clouds all in the same day.  Its really, really weird. Momita cooks really well, and she made the ranch dressing from the packets for me haha. I told her you said, hi. She said, hola. Haha, she is a great person honestly. Things with the visa are good to go now. It was interesting not knowing if I could stay or needed to go to the US. 

Thats really cool about school, and the best class ever! Haha, its really good to know things are going well. Its weird to see so much green in the pictures you sent. I will be sending more pictures...I need to clean the house first before I can take pictures of the place. Its pretty be honest. Its a blessing.

Its going to be crazy, next combio. My first time leading the sector. Its a bit scary...and I can´t believe its this soon, and when I am so far away from all the other missionaries. But, I know that the branch can help me...and so can Heavenly Father, and Christ. They won´t abandon me, ever.

Its good to hear Sam and Silas are becoming really good buds. Haha, I am really happy to know Sam is taking good care Kayleigh and Silas. Its been really interesting, being so far away.  

Can you send a picture of the family, including Fezz, Muffin, and Ace?

Thank you for all your love and support...things here are good. Its been tough, with the companion and all. But I just do what is right and let him take the way he wants to go. I can´t force him to do anything...We suffer for it...It actually causes me to be sad. We could be so much better off, but he just won´t change. He says he will, but nothing. Just keep on praying...just gotta do it.

I love you all!

Ferry to Puerto Montt - a 4-5 day cruise - you have only two travel options - the ferry or airplane


Mountains & clouds 

Another view of mountains & clouds

Taking pictures down by the waterfront on P-day

More snow on the mountains

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