Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm being transferred to Puerto Natales to be with Elder Galarza from Argentina

Awesome haha, I love the new school stuff. Sounds like it will be fun! Haha I am uploading pictures now...Finally. Sorry it took so long. Haha

So I found out where I am going next...and its different. I am going to Puerto Natales which is down by Punta Arenas...Haha and its so far down that its a 2 hour plane flight to Punta, and after that 3 hours on a bus to my town. Its so far that Elder Richardson, who also served there, told me that I will probably only go to like 2 meetings every month with the zone. Haha, its crazy! The town is a little bigger than here and it has a branch about the same size as well. Its so crazy, the president called us before everyone else to let Elder Muñoz know that his next companion would be the next president of this branch. He then decided to tell me where I was going! Haha, its amazing...everyone says my companion, Elder Galarza, is really good. He is from Argentina, and I am not sure if he speaks a little English like Elder Muñoz. Haha, everyone here in Lago is sad...and so am I. Its like leaving my family all over again. Its tough...I have started packing. I have to catch my plane in a few days. Elder Muñoz will be staying in Lago that will be good.

The other day an Elder who is a Chilean as well, who has the same amount of time I do in the mission, was here in Lago with me. Elder Muñoz was in San Pablo for an intercombio. So...I got to lead my sector which was so freakin hard. It was weird not being able to get help from Elder Muñoz. I struggled at first, but then we got ino the swing of things! haha

Honestly, its been many new things I have had to do...

I have had a lot of fun though...I am a bit nervous to go to my new sector. Its so far down...the furthest I can go. I really hope everything goes well...Its super snowing. Elder Muñoz told me, you have your sector...Tierra de Fuego...then Antártica. Haha, freak´n crazy.

 Oh man! You HAVE to teach Fezz to sing that song! I want to hear that song when I walk in the door haha. His little head bouncing around singing again. Thats one thing I miss...I have really gotten Trunky (Trunky Trunk-e Adj - The act of wishing and wanting to go home during an LDS mission). Getting transferred is a big blessing for me...

Did you ever find out what happened to Upgrades Etc.?

I´ve had fun on my mission so far...and I am glad that I get to spend time doing this. Honestly, I am growing more in love with our church. The way of living is amazing, and I feel happy and have peace in my life. I feel like Joseph Smith, I am starting to find peace in mine afflictions (DC 121). Honestly, this was the best thing I have done yet...

How is my writing...what changes have you noticed in my writing haha?

Its spanish is a lot better than my first few weeks here. But, I still have so much room to grow. Honestly, I can understand quite a bit now...every now and then I have a bad day...but they pass and good days follow.

I love you all so very very much. I am glad to hear everyone is doing well! 

Tell Fezz I love him too...and the other birds.

In my next letter, I will be sending it from the End of the World!!! Wow....


 Lago Ranco - I'm going to miss this place

Another shot looking down on Lago Ranco

 Me standing at the Lago Ranco overlook

 Lago Ranco Branch youth

 He's going commando at church!!!

 Elder Munoz trying to take a picture on P-day

 Me trying to collect moss on P-day

 Self Portrait

 Sheep skull

Me and Elder Epperson on P-day

 Chilean Titanic Scene

 River Shot

 Panoramic of River

 How did they know we aren't allowed to swim on our missions?

 Me by a gate - straight is the way, narrow is the gate

 I think this is about the size of their apartment

 Beastie Boyz?!! More like Beastie Broz!!! 

La Union Zone - P-Day Gangsta

La Union Zone  - In their working clothes

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