Monday, August 15, 2011

We just challenged 3 people to baptism - 3 out of 3 accepted

Hey Family!

Haha, yeah we got snowed on this morning. We woke up at 6 to go to the church to play ping pong with Papito, who is the Branch President here. I love the momita, I was sick for 2 days and every single night she called to make sure I was ok, and has been giving me medicine to make me feel better. She actually cooks like a pro!

I finally made it Wednesday to Puerto Natales, but boy was it a long trip...I left in the afternoon of Tuesday and traveled to Puerto Montt and stayed there for the night. Then in the morning I got a bus and went to the airport and from there to Punta Arenas. After I got there, I met my new companion and found out the next bus was at 7 in the night. The bus ride took 3 hours to get to Puerto Natales. Its so pretty here, and my companion is a good guy. We worked hard on Friday and got 7 lessons in. Haha, that is a really, really high number. It was just pure luck....lesson after lesson.

The area is so huge! Today, I am going to ask President Rappleye to split it into 2 sectors. Its so big and we can´t cover nearly even a third of this place. So many people are willing to let us in to teach but we can´t go to everyone...its so huge!! I found out, that next combio I will be leading the sector. So I need to learn where to go very quickly!

My zone leader, who is a Chilean, has family who live in Tooele! The Jones...Mr. Jones  is a 2 counselor in the bishopric in his ward. My zone leader´s name is, Elder Cornoje. Tell Sam and ask if its the Jones in Stansbury.

Dad's nightmare is crazy...but it might have some truth to it. I am having major problems with my visa...which is crap. If we can´t get things worked out, I will be heading back to the states...haha weird right. I wasn´t anything I did, which is a good thing. So, maybe dad has a little bit of a vision haha. What crap...seriously.

My companion is awesome, he is super funny and we are pretty good friends already. He plays guitar and we borrowed the guitar from momita and we played it last night. He is super good with the thing. Its amazing...haha he doesn´t speak a lick of English...not a bit. He knows like a phrase of two like, you got beef dog? Stuff like that...haha.

The basket is for the trash...I think. Here they have the dudes go around and pick it in the old days.

Aww...yeah Area 51. It was a computer cafe idea he had a long time a go...I wonder why he changed it...and now its in his house again. Cool, cool.

OHHH a girly on your mind huh haha. Thats pretty cool. Where the heck are my Mp3s dude...freak´n crap...Haha

Oh starts really soon....crap. Time flies so quickly now...and I am so different. I actually cleaned the house without having anyone to tell me to do it...crazy huh? Haha

Giant sloth? Haha, in Sept. we are going to head up to the Torre de Paines. Freak´n awesome haha, the end of the world is beautiful. And there are so many things here to see and do.

We just challenged 3 people to baptism. 3 out of 3 accepted so, in one week, more maybe, we will have a baptism. Haha, its been crazy, and the success has been good. I am really happy...I talk a crap load more now because I need to get better with my sucks.

I wish you all luck in school and thank you for all your prayers. Tell Grandma and Grandpa thank you! Haha, it will be good to get some good American food. Although...Momita cooks like an American its crazy!

Love you all,


PS - the shower has ice in the bottom of it this morning...crazy crap.

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