Monday, October 3, 2011

I did get to watch the priesthood session here

Your welcome for all the pictures.  Sorry that I haven´t sent more for you all. Paula is the younger one. She is the daughter of Momita. She had a stroke about a year ago. She stills has trouble moving her arm and leg...but she has pretty much gotten most of the control of her body back. She got blessed by Richard G. Scott. (Or some other apostle...I am almost positive its him.) She had just finished serving a mission a few years back...when she was talking to her mom about how everything is going really good. One week later...she had her stroke. Sorry, that I can´t help you label the photos on the blog...Its hard to help out when Its been so long since my last view of their tools.
Its been really interesting to see the many countries here in Puerto Natales. I have contacted people from, France, different parts of the US, Asians, and other Latin American countries. I saw some Germans the other day...but I didn´t have time to contact them. This place is full of so many different people. Its been really cool to talk in Spanish, then switch to English, then to using my hands and a piece of paper to contact the deaf. Its been really nice to see the different people, and show them how normal we really are. I contacted a priest from a Evangelical church. He was so funny...he tried to talk to me in English. He told us we were wasting our time...and we said that's impossible. Everyone is important to us. Not matter what race, color of skin, rich or poor, country, or beliefs are.  I don´t want to lose a single soul. It doesn´t matter if they won´t listen, I will always offer them a chance, and then again another chance will I give to them.

I didn´t help reactivate Denis and Rudi...but Elder Galarza did. We get to teach the lessons and their daughter is really happy to learn them.

I did get to watch Priesthood Session here in the end of the world! Wow, my computer skills came in handy and I got all the stuff hooked up and running for us. Which was a blessing because I didn´t want to go all the way to Punta Arenas. It was awesome! I could understand in Spanish, which was a blessing, and I got a lot of good stuff from this conference. Is it just me or were there a lot of warnings for us (more than normal)? Oh, that sucks that Sam had to work...I love conference now. I can´t believe I didn´t want to watch it before. Did you realize I only get to watch 2 more here in Chile? That makes me a bit sad...Time really can fly.

The change of the high school seniors...this is a very rare event to watch. All of them start to become who they will be for the rest of their life. Finally, they can´t mess around as much as before...with more pressure than ever they start to adapt to their new environment. Haha, its going to be crazy not to be there when Sam finishes school. Its hard to believe that all of them are finishing up...and that Silas is close to driving. Its a good thing that they are all reading scriptures and learning because honestly...its better to know more. Tell Sam, if he wants to go on mission...he and his friends should study Preach my Gospel. Its really handy for all the things they need to know. I hope Josh turns in his papers soon...and I hope he gets sent here! Haha, this place has all the food you can eat. Its perfect for him! This mission is awesome!

As for the Birdies...I sent a sketch I made of Fezz this morning after studying. Haha, I hope he likes its. I had a dream about him the other night which was crazy. He´s so cute.

I just wanted to share a little experience I had...During this conference I had many questions for the Lord and I really wanted to know what I can do to better myself. Lately...around 6 in the night time I get really tired and its hard to focus on the work and the people. I was reading scriptures in the morning before conference when I found like 15 scriptures that told me...the lazy have their damnation. Haha, it was a bit hard to take...but the wicked take the truth to be hard. I have a strong testimony that through scriptures we receive answers for our questions. If any of us have need of wisdom...let us not wait till its to late. Ask God, our eternal Father in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ for help. Revelations, visions, blessing, angels, and all other things of God are not of the past. Today, we have the right, as Children of God, to know what is right and what is the truth. If we have fear, we must overcome it through prayer. I don´t just believe in these things anymore...I KNOW they are true. God loves us more than we know...we only need to ask and and search. And in the end we will find the truth and love of our God, Our Father in Heaven.

I love you all very, very much.


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