Monday, October 24, 2011

I want to come back here after my mission

Hey hey,

Yeah, its a good thing things are going well for me...Thanks for sending the oil vial for me. Its very possible I have one combio left here, and will leave one week before sad...So if you want to send stuff for the momita here, its probably best to send it a bit earlier.

That's crazy Cody got his call to his mission! This goes by way fast when you are in the mission...It feels like just one month ago I was getting here to Chile...and now look...7 months in my mission. I also found out a friend of mine Parker is going on his mission to Ohio. Its been really crazy to see all these people coming and going...getting the news about my friends leaving, and all the other stuff.

Aww yes, Lagoon...the great world of excitement and fun haha. Its weird that mom is sick with the flu...My throat started to hurt the other day and now its kinda gone, but I have a lot of coughing. I think that its from the change in weather, and the 160 km hour winds. Its been really rains really hard for about 10 minutes, then nothing, and its blue sky and sun, then 10 minutes later its the same thing...rain...again...Its been really interesting to have this wind here. I love it...I want to come back here after my mission.

Haha, I miss temple square and all that good stuff. Here, we can´t go to the temple and thats one thing that I really miss. Haha, Silas...he may not want to go on a mission now, like me when I was that age...but in the end he will want to go. God doesn´t let people like him not go...Thats really cool you signed up to feed the missionaries around Chirstmas time! It will be weird not having you around...but we get to call so that will be nice. I´ll try to practice my english...haha

I forget how you call this bird (that I got the eggs from) but its really really annoying and loud. The eggs are red inside...and they are very very good. OH, you need to eat Dulce de Leche...its sooooo good! We went to Punta Arenas for the Stake Conference...and I found ELDER WOOD AND HERMANA KITTO! I was so happy to see them! We talked and talked...its was amazing. Elder Hauver, Elder Wood, and Hermana Kitto had all seen each other already and not me...Elder Wood told me he was waiting to see me. Haha, it was really good...but the strange thing is...I have been to this Church before. But Elder Galarza told me that we´ve never been there. Its been really weird. Plus, I watched a dog get run over with a car...he lived with minor cuts. Haha, it was weird.

My Trainer Elder Muñoz will die this combio...Farwell Elder...His girlfriend waited for 2 whole years! Haha, but he doesn´t know if he wants to be with her...what luck...

Its been really good here for me, and I have been really hoping to my first baptism soon...just gotta keep trying till it happens....

I love you all very much, and can´t wait to tell you my combio next week....When I know....



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