Monday, October 10, 2011

We had a great P day...lunch, soccer, ping pong, chess, and pig...

Haha, It was a good chance to share what I have in English. The gang (branch) is alright. We had a great P day today! We had lunch with all the members and played soccer, ping pong, chess, and pig. We haven´t done much work this week, Elder G went to the hospital for pains in his knees...for 2 weeks! So we´ve been stuck in the house...finally we went out and worked. He wasn´t supposed to...and I called him dumb. The doctors don´t know what's wrong, but most likely he will need surgery and go home for a bit. Oh, the fun of the mission.

Sam & Silas are playing Minecraft or World of Warcraft? haha, because Minecraft is crazy weird..and most people don´t know what that is. It's a game for the geeks of geeks! Aww, the good ol´days playing World of Warcraft, making video games, doing computer stuff, and hanging out with friends. Never have really missed it much, living in another country is really fun and I love it! Its great to learn and work on me and who I am. I am getting better at guitar...its interesting to see how after some time away from things you seem to be able to learn quicker, and start to solve old problems you had in computers by dreaming, and just random thoughts coming in your head. It sucks I have had so many problems with the other Mp3 player again....I have given up trying to listen to music. I don´t have my tools to fix it...chanta (piece of junk?) . It's amazing...blessings for all!

You´ll have to forgive me, I know this email will be short...we have 10 minutes till we go back to work. Haha, sorry about that...For Christmas...Socks, gingerbread cookies, and thats about it. So far my stuff is holding up really well...and I don´t really need a whole lot of things. Wow, Christmas already...not to much longer till my year mark. How weird is that?! But remember we get to call home on Christmas and so...that will be really cool! Haha, it might be hard to speak in English I can barely do it now...haha.

I love you all!


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