Monday, October 31, 2011

I am now Senior Companion

Wow...what a day. It has been really weird. I thought I would be the younger companion. Well, that just isn't in the cards for me...I am receiving a new companion who has 12 weeks in the mission. It's really scary...because my spanish is bad enough but now I don`t have a choice. I'm really scared...but the Lord feels I am ready...and what luck because hermana Kitto is training this time around! Haha, I was laughing really hard, because of the fear on her face. I don´t think that the fear will last very long.

Wow, Cody is leaving on his mission....and Logan is in his. This is so weird....I seems like only yesterday that they were all still in school together. Time flies by now that I'm not living at home.

Haha, Mexicans talk really slow...Chileans talk much, much faster than them. There are a few living here in this part of the world for work and schooling...its really crazy.

I know is a ladies man....I wonder who will be his first girlfriend?

Yeah, Elder Lund is dying with my Trainer Elder Muñoz. It's really, really weird, but so many people are dying this combio that it's hard to believe. Things like this are normal now...and I am now Senior Companion....Crap....

Oh, the Oil Vial you sent should be here for Christmas I really have no idea what to do for Momita. They are really hard to read on what they want or need. They don´t like to talk about stuff like that...only about family, dreams, and other stuff not pertaining to them. Haha, but wow Momita was really sad when we left Puerto Natales. She cried, and so did Elder Galarza. He´s getting sent to the office in 2 more weeks but will spend some time here in Punta Arenas. I have 2 days to prepare myself for whats about to come. Haha

Wow, Fezz is really starting to become a character. More than before I feel...haha Its been really good, I never got sick from eating those eggs and they were really really good. The birds finally left after I took their eggs. Haha, I felt a little bad after but not much.

The other day, Paula and I were talking about Yoga. Its so funny, because I can do a lot of the moves. But, I have only won one game of chess with Popito out of 100 times. I can win against Elder Galarza but, Popito isn´t as easy to win. I am going to buy a little chess set for the will be really cool.

There was another volcano close to here that went off. Wow, planes can't go to Osorno...or at least not as many. I have no idea how the everyone going to the mission home in Osorno are going to get back there.

We bought masks and tried to scare Momita and Popito...but they saw us coming! Shoot, its was really well planned out...but I didn´t think that they would see us. Oh well...we tried.

One of the sisters here had problems with her Appendix. She had to have surgery on it...and now she is going home for a bit. It's really hard....

They other day, I don´t know if I told you, but I had a dream that I went to the doctor. He asked me what was the problem, and I pulled up my shirt sleeve and showed him 3 purple spots on my arm. He told me, that each of these was an event to happen in my life, acording to how close it was to my body, and when they got to my body it would cause me a lot of pain and that there is nothing we can do...but the only thing I can do is prepare for these things to come. And during the night, Elder Galarza woke up to me saying, Oh crap. When I woke up, I could still remember the one of them was really close. I knew the meaning on the dream...and felt a lot of peace. It was very, very weird for me. I told Momita and she told me that I should remember this because at times these dreams mean more than just a dream haha. We will see...

It's been really good...first baptism next combio hopefully!!! Hermana Kitto told me that she has had awesome! I will do my best to help my new companion out and to make really good habits. And I pray that the Lord will bless us and the Rama (branch) with a baptism...or 2.

I love you all very much,


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