Monday, October 17, 2011

There were some birds outside the church messing things up so I took their eggs and got a cake!!


How are all of you at home doing? We, here, are doing well. We finally said, this is enough...lets go work. For the past 3 days with pain in his knees we went to work like normal. He will for sure get transferred here next combio and the truth is I think he will go to the office to rest up...for his surgery. I know he will have to have one. We have been resting and the pain is worse than before...Things for us are getting better; most likely due to the end of the combio in 2 weeks.

OH, you all need to make Manjar or Dulce de Leche! This stuff is soooo good! I don´t know how to make it but you can look it up on the web...its really really good. I don´t think we have it in the states.

Home teaching is the same here. They have 2 people go to about 3 or 4 families and share a bit...but its really hard because a lot of the men went out to fish for 3 months or we do a lot of splits to cover members and investigators. This sector is really struggling...and I don´t know what to do to fix it. I have prayed, and prayed...but still no answer.

Our family has a really interesting past. The truth is...when I get back I want to do some geneolgy work because I taught how to use the site to do the work here. And I really liked doing I have plans to do that after.  

We got a new member here named Gonzalo. He is Chilean, but he lived in Washington DC for 6 years. He reminds me of Josh haha...he's a skater. His English is really really good...and I thought he was an American.  It's been really cool to have him around.

There were some birds laying eggs in the grass outside the church...and well...we can´t have that because they were messing a lot of things up. So, I took the eggs (3) and gave them to Momita.  Paula, the daughter, made me a nice cake...with my spoils.  It was really good...YUM! The birds finally learned and left.

Wow...Sam and Silas like Minecraft...that's worse than me, guys....

I am so excited for the video game that I pre-ordered for Sam and Silas before my mission to come out too...I can´t play it, but I will when I get back for sure haha.

Hey, can you send me an oil vial here really quick...I will give you the address to the house of momita...because I am giving mine to Elder G, because he doesn´t have one.   I need one to give blessings...and he will leave really soon. So hopefully you can send one my way really quick like...Sorry but they don´t sell stuff like that here...go figure.

I am really happy and content with this type of life. Although, its hard at times...I can´t help but feel blessed. This changes how you view things...and who you want to be. I feel really bad for all the things I could of done...but never did for the church. Really, its quite interesting.

Thank you to all who are praying for me...I know its making things easier.

I love you all so very much, tell Fezz I love him and I miss him. 

I miss you all very much!



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