Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feliz Navidad!!!

Christmas in Chile

Momita, tu parte está abajo de Inglés.

Hey familia!

I am glad that you got my present. I hoped you liked it...I really enjoyed sending that Indio Picarro to you all. I thought it would give you a sense of the type of people I am teaching haha. It was really cool to find one that was tiny like that. The truth is I didn´t get to go to Mcdonalds, I ending up only getting to eat cookies. Haha, it was weird because I went out with an Elder who only knew his sector for like 5 days. We just followed the spirit without plans and ended up finding so many people who wanted help...I just hope he is actually going to visit them. I hope...

Elder Colque & Elder Burge

The little branch thing isn´t too bad. Really, it seems like these are always the best places to be! I really love it here, I have a good family here. There aren't counselors here, maybe AGAIN I will be the 1st counselor. Who knows...I am learning to just accept the will of the Lord for me. We have found so many people to teach here it isn´t funny. We found 8 people last week who could become investigators. I can feel that my testimony is growing. Because of the power it has, I can hit people right in the spirit. It's been interesting. Haha, the people call the store (Eltit Supermarket) with just the's so funny! I sent you a picture of a sign that is pretty funny.

What Kind of Store is This?

Pucon Branch Party

Pucon Barbeque

Painting in Pucon

I can´t wait to Skype you all, too. I am going to be doing it from the house of the papito. Haha, you can meet them all. I am sure they will try to speak English to you all. It will be pretty funny, and they want to see the birds and hear them sing. It will be hard this Christmas, because we can only leave the house for Citas Fijas (or appointments) and wow, we have members only! Haha.

We won´t be doing anything for Christmas with the zone...just us here in Pucon. But that's cool with me, we will go visit members. It's so hot here, seriously I am dying!!

Elder Medina, is my best companion ever! I am serious. We get along so well and we are pretty much the same person. We laugh so much and have such a good time that we get people asking us how they can be happy and want to talk with us. It's been really cool, and we have really gotten teaching down together. I am pretty happy about that, hopefully we can turn that into baptisms.

Elder Medina

The new mamita, reminds me of Mom. Seriously, and the papito reminds me of Dad. It's so weird, they are a family like what we have. And it's really nice, because I feel at home. She cooks just like mom, too. Its been good to have them here.

It will be great to talk to you. I can´t wait, only one more day. I can´t wait.

Get your questions and dictionaries ready because I may not be able to speak English. Someone asked me if I spoke English to help them find out where they were on the bus. I tried to speak to them, and I couldn´t do it! Haha, I tried 5 times before English came was a bit weird. All the missionaries were laughing at me. Haha, so was I.

Tell the sisters that I feel for them. I put a referral in the other email with pictures..

Ok, Momita está parte es para ustedes.

¡Mi sector es super bonita! Es una rama chicatita, pero es buena. ¡Les extraño muchismo! No estoy comiendo como allí. Pero, no importa porque estoy comiendo. Hay mucho mas calor aquí que hay y fue difcíl para me en el principio. La verdad es que, Elder Galarza está en Valdiva y el oltro día lo vi. Su rodillia está super mal y no puede caminar mucho. No va decir nada él. Es super fome...y no tengo un idea por que no va decir nada. Y tambien yo encontré Elder Deane y Elder Barbin (No sé como escriberlo). Fue, muy extraño para nostros. Aquí hay muchas personjas quien quieren hablar con nosotros y es vakan. ¿Cómo estáis, vosotros? Espero que estáis bien. ¡Miren! Yo puedo escribir en Vosotros..genial ¿cierto? Les amo, y perdón porque yo ovidé su email en la casa la ultima Lunes.

I love you all family!

See you all Monday!



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