Monday, December 19, 2011

I am safely in Pucon with Elder Medina


I am glad I got back to Torres Del Paine, too. The sunburn is gone really hurt for a bit, and yes I am wearing sunscreen now. It´s been crazy. I got really, really sick last week. I couldn´t get out of bed, or really do anything for that matter. I am pretty much better by now, but it's been crazy, and it hasn´t ended yet. In about 40 minutes I have to go to Valdiva and have a conference. The scriptures you got me were great! That's the kind I wanted to have, so we are good to go. This time, they won´t get wet! Thanks for the oil vials, they came in handy for me. I still have 2 left! I am going to give them to special people only...not just some random guy.

I got transfered last week, and a stupid volcano went off and we got delayed, and all kinds of stuff. But now, I am safely in Pucon, with all the beach babes and sun. Its so hot here! 30 Celcius (86 F). It's been really hard. My new companion is named Felipe Medina. He is really cool and a World of Warcraft fan. He is from Columbia. I am glad to have a latino again for a companion. But, I am in a small branch again of like 25 people. I seem to always get sent to places like this. It's cool, but at the same time, kinda hard. We have a really good house, but I can´t send photos, because I am a bit short for time...Haha, but it's really good. It's the farthest up north we can go...and I live 10 miles from an active volcano. Its pretty crazy, I have a thing for them I guess.

Ok, so for Skype I will add you all. I am ElderBurge. I will have time to make the VIDEO CALL!!! on the 26th. I am not sure when, but I am guessing somewhere from 7-8 in the night my time. I am not sure what that is there... I am adding you now to my contacts. It will be so sweet!! We should be making the call from the house of the papito. So, the date is 26th at 7-8 pm Chilean time. We should have about 40 minutes to talk. Not much, but it's something. My email is if you don´t see my invitation. Sweet, your added to my contacts.

So, I am glad to hear that everything is well. I am pretty stressed at the moment. Not a lot of time, and it's so freak´n hot! I am dying here. I also forgot to add the email of Mamita, so I now have to wait till my next p-day.

OH HEY, my next p-day is this Saturday! The Christmas hours are a bit different for us here. We have p-day Saturday, then we don´t work Sunday. It's strange but it works.

I love you all, and I can´t wait to see you all! Haha, it will be weird to talk and see you.

I promise to write more in my next email and send pictures. It's just a bit crazy right now.

With love,


Mamita & Paula

Francisca & Her Family

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