Monday, December 12, 2011

I'M LEAVING!...I'm going to Pucon...the farthest place north we can go!

Well, well...look who it is.

It's been a whole week since the last time I talked to you all. And boy do I have news for all of you. We got combios...I'M LEAVING! What a bummer...I don´t want to leave this place. But, the Lord calls, and I answer and do what He wants. I am going to Pucon - a beach babe, tourist town - and it's the farthest place north we can go!

Pucan Branch Chapel


Haha, I just keep getting sent from one end of Chile to the other. How strange...and it's always a place beautiful and sweet. But, so that I could really know the Torres del Paine we went today. Left at 5 in the morning and hiked the 6 hours to get there and come down. It was really amazing! We even drank the water from up there. It's like the best tasting water I have ever had and it's pure. It was really good. We took lots of photos, but I try to send the best ones. I got so hurts.

At the Trailhead with Papito

Don't be a pushy missionary!

La Bienvenida a Torres del Paine

Elders Burge & Ruettinger

Papito, this is the best water I've ever tasted!!

I got the packages you all sent! Haha, and if you´ll notice I am wearing a Cookie Monster shirt I got from the grandparents. Haha, I ate so much food and stuff I got really really sick and had to go to the hospital. They poked me in the butt with a needle, and the next day I felt much better. Haha, it was a crazy party...I shared it with all the members. They love that stuff. Everything sent made it perfectly! Even, the peanut butter cups!!!
There is nothing left...NOT ONE BIT OF was really good.

I am not really sure what we will do for Christmas, but we will find out next Monday I am sure.

The computer you got sounds pretty sweet...and I am VERY VERY proud you got it from NewEgg. That;s the way to shop for computers! It sounds like a sick system. Let me know how it goes...

Sorry I don´t have much time to write. I am really late and need to buy medicine for my sunburn....I love you all very much!

Next week, I´ll be writing from's good and bad....

I love you!


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