Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cony got into a lot of hot water for getting baptized!!!

Hey Family! It's good to hear from you all. Elder Larsen and I are trying to tear it up...we´ll see what happens. We had a choir pratice today. We will be singing for Elder Corbridge this Wednesday. It should be quite fun! I like the song...and one of the missionaries is playing the violin with's pretty. A FENDER?! Wow...they are moving up in the world. Not bad....they should learn how to play hymns and stuff for when they get on their missions. I don´t get to improve much on my skills because I don´t have time to practice all that much here in the mission. Use your time wisely. From the picture, it sounds pretty good what your playing there. Haha For the baptism, we had to fill up the font. Well...bishop told me to fill it up with a lot of hot water and then for the last 30 minutes or so to put in cold water. So I did it! But, it was still so hot that we almost couldn't do the baptism. It was horrible...I was freak´n out trying to pray and stuff. But, she was able to get in and there wasn´t a single problem. It was a miricle. I was so happy.
I remember talking with Cory and Daryl about Overstock building that call center there. It's really quite cool. I think it would be a great job for Sam. It would be a bit more money than he is making now and would help give him a taste of a different work type. It's not really that hard to do a call center...just need to be patient with people. That's the hard part. Plus, he can save money up for the mission. I hope that he goes on his mission....because the truth is, he NEEDS to go on a mission. It will change him to be better and to have a different view on life. I know it's probably got to be the most scary thing to do for a millon different reasons. And for that reason I won´t list them all...but I will list a few reasons why he should go and anyone else for that matter. 1) If you go, then you will learn who you really are. 2)You will be WAY MORE happier than if you go straight to college. 3)It's just really fun 4) You get to meet people you have never met before 5)You can just get out of the house and live on your own for a bit WITHOUT the worry of having to work for money and go to school, try to find a wife, etc. The reason why I love the mission is because I am obediente. It's what God wants of us. HE doesn´t need you to go on a mission, but he knows it's something YOU need. I promise when you get to the mission you´ll say...this really isn´t that bad. It's hard...but it's not bad. I know it's the only way you can be happy. If you don´t WILL regret it all your life. I know it's a bit hard to believe sometimes...but God will take care of you. Please...don´t miss the only time you have to have one on one time with the Lord. And if you still don´t know if you want to go...PRAY ABOUT IT! PRAY PRAY and PRAY! It's the best way to know if you need to.... I love's the ulitmate choice making tool someone has. I love you all, be at peace. God knows what we will do...and he will help us to do the right things. Like I have learned these last few days. The Lord will always forgive you for trying and failing...but he will won´t forgive you for not doing anything. This is the time to learn, do, fail, and grow! I love this mission...and the church. It's all true. God is my witness. Take care... Love Ben

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