Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lots Of Miracles This Week


Hey Family!

It’s been a really good week for us. We have had a LOT of miracles, some of which are very sacred. It’s been good to be a missionary. I started walking in my sector again this week on Tuesday...and I had a LOT of pain...the day after I could barely walk and well Thursday I wanted to cry from all the pain in my body. I moved so slowly and it was getting hard to actually walk. Well...we stopped and I had Elder Larsen give me a blessing. He did so saying, "...I command you to be made whole. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen." I stood up and...I felt no pain. I could move normally. The spirit burned within us and a miracle of God was seen. I feel great!

Glad to hear everyone is enjoying their summer. I am enjoying my winter here in Chile. It’s been really good, lots of rain. As for Dad, my place is really cold and humid. Which is worse, I can not say....The smoke here is just horrible. At night...everyone has a fire going and the air is cloudy. It can be hard sometimes. The Catolica has one of the major Futbol teams here. They are doing actually pretty good! People outside Utah DO SMOKE, DRINK, AND DO OTHER THINGS, they really shouldn’t. I don´t know how people can do that’s gross.

The boat looks really cool! I bet you are having a great time with it. I would love to go out on it too! I love boating and sailing. I still remember that time we went to the Great Salt Lake and did the boating. I liked it a lot to be honest. It looks like a good ol´boat you got there. You’ll have to show me sometime. It’s good exercise too!

Sam...hanging out with the work people! Knew you´d do it. Just knew it. I am part of the office. Today we got invited to eat breakfast with the office and President to meet the new senior couple who came. It was fun...and I started to work on the computers of president again. I also am doing work with Santiago. I will get started doing that Monday. Working is just fun!

We have found some people and need to do work with them. It’s hard because they aren’t there much. But we will get people with a date this week and get them to church. I received an email from an old Investigator who just got the answer that it’s true. They will be baptized. This always happens! I always find out the people I found and worked with finally get the answer, AFTER I LEAVE! Haha, it’s so dumb. But at least they will get baptized.

I am sending pictures for you all! LOOK AT MY BATTLE WOUND!

I might be buying my shoes today...but it’s a maybe because someone may give me a pair of shoes I can use.

I love you all,

Take care

Love Ben

PS. Kayleigh...I didn’t die! Haha, just almost died. :D


Me and Elder Hauver


Me WITH my appendix


Me WITHOUT my appendix


“If I win at Uno, you have to get baptized”



A scar in the shape of Chile?


Proof I left a piece of me in a Chile!

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