Saturday, June 16, 2012

No worries!

Hey Family! No Worries! haha, President had to go and I was calling with his phone so it worked out ok. Sorry on my part I couldn´t call you back! I know if must of been hard to not get a call back. I am doing really good...I have been in the office for a few days resting up. It's been kinda of hard on me to be up in here. I have been doing computer stuff for quite a while. But, the finance guy erased everything he had...on accident. Now, I have been trying to help him get it back...but we might end up having to pay like $100 to use the only program that's been able to find the data. It was crazy...It started Saturday. I had a fever of 102.2 all day and I couldn´t stop shaking. I had to receive a blessing just to be calmed enough to put clothes on. Then...Sunday I started having really bad pain in my gut. So...Hma Biddolf told me to push my right side in on my stomach and see if when I pulled it out it hurt badly. It did. So...haha I got rushed to the hospital. The doctor came in and said...tomorrow we will have to operate to take it out because it's not doing so good. But...the other doctor said...NOW! IT'S GOING TO EXPLODE. I got in the room to do the operation before anyone could even get to the hospital. I was laughing the entire time...talking it up and enjoying the experience. The nurse ladies stripped me down nude and start touching me all of the place and it was just simply strange. Everything went well and I should be back to my sector on Monday. The weight loss wasn´t related to my appendix. It was just a great fun ride. I loved it...and I made a lot of friends in the hospital. I know I was protected by angels, because I could feel people around....I never once was alone. Sam got a new job?! WELL DONE! I am glad to hear you didn´t lose your job. That sounds like what happened with me. Being apart will prepare him for the mission. It helped me out a lot. Plus...MORE MONEY! Sorry to scare you all... JASON HAD A BABY!? Wow....that was quick...I didn´t know they were waiting. Thats really crazy! POOR FEZZ! He can´t be changed to the dark side! this....awww man. Things for us will be going well....I will be back on my feet again Monday. I am ok...tell Kayleigh not to worry nor any of the others. I am actually going to send pictures...but I am here and my camera the house. So....sorry I can´t send them this week but I will send them next week I promise! Haha... A few experience from being drugged up. 1. After leaving the operation I looked at the doctor and told him (in spanish) If I wasn´t mormon I would totally do drugs. 2. The nurses were apparently I then started to hit on them. They laughed. 3. Elder Galarza helped me take a leak (I was not on drugs at this point). 4. I came out of the operation to see the elders waiting for me...I then said ELDER GALARZA! He laughed....and now president does the same thing to him when he sees elder Galarza. I LOVE THE MISSION. There really aren´t any bad things in life...only bad attitudes! haha.... I love you all. Till Next week. Love Ben

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