Monday, June 11, 2012


We did not get our usual P-day email from Ben on Saturday. On Sunday night we got the dreaded call from the mission president. He told us that Ben had appendicitis and that he was going into surgery. He called back about two hours later and told us that everything went fine and that Ben would call us from the hospital. Ben called from the hospital today at around 1:30 pm. We got to talk to him for about 3 minutes before we got cut off mid sentence. We think that Kayleigh pressed a button on the other headset and it caused us to disconnect. We thought he would call back, but he never did. He was upbeat on the phone. He said on Saturday he was having bad stomach pains. They kept getting worse and he started running a fever of 102 F. He called the mission home and they told him to press his stomach on the right side. When he did, he felt a sharp pain run all the way down his leg. They told him to go to the hospital immediately. For him immediately meant right after sacrament meeting. He was up and walking around at the hospital before he called us. They told him that they would release him on Wednesday, and that he would have to lay around for a week and recuperate at his apartment before he could resume his normal missionary schedule. That's when we got cut off. We think he will be OK. We just wished we hadn't accidentally hung up on him mid sentence. At least we got to talk to him a little. Now he can say that he left a part of himself in Chile!!!

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