Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Spirit Is Warm…But It’s Freezing Cold…

Hey family,

Let me just start off with the picture of Silas. Can I just say, that I think Silas looks really good with glasses on! It just seems to fit him so well. Makes him look like a song writer guy. I am actually really happy to see we got some more in the club! Glasses aren’t that bad. They are really fun to have because you look so much cooler with them on and you can see a lot better to! Nice job on picking out the glasses. Silas is starting to look different! I don´t remember him looking so old. Wow...I am really proud to have him as my brother. I love you Silas.

As for me...I am feeling really good. It’s been a bit of a stressful week...but that always comes at the end of Cambios. We have 1 person with a date to be baptized. We invited a family of 3 and the dad and son accepted. But...the Mom said no, so then the other two changed their mind. We have a few other people who we want to invite too. It’s weird...we are teaching people that have a lot of power in Osorno. The Ex-Boss over all the PDI (Police People) in Osorno. Another boss in the PDI. We are teaching doctors, and nurses. As well as a few pastors. We have to be on our toes...because they come at you with different angles. But I can hold my own...

All my experiences are being written down in my Journal. I have had some crazy stuff happen to me in my mission. I have 5 Cambios left...and I need to write down all my experiences and look for them too! My faith is growing and my want and need to be better does too. You will have to be ready when I get back...cause I don´t plan on leaving this stuff I learn behind. I will probably speak a lot of English but with Spanish grammar rules.

Glad to see that the new bird has a good taste for his old home. It’s SOO COLD DOWN HERE! I am glad fire exists because...without it we would be dead. He´s such a weird bird.

Papito, from Puerta Natales is sick! He has a pain in his head. It hurts him a lot from what I heard. So...we have been praying for him. Please pray for him too, all those who read my blog and emails. As well pray for Ninoska. She´s the granddaughter...she is a worrier like me but instead of throwing up (which I haven´t done since the first week in the MTC) she gets these really bad headaches when she is stressed or worried. I seem to have a bond with the family, so they mean a lot to me.

Here´s some advice about feeling the spririt better for Kayleigh. The spirit must be sought after to be able to hear him many times. Everything we do affects whether or not we can hear him easily or he starts to go away. This means, music, thoughts, movies, books, everything can affect our connection with him. As well when we, read the scriptures, pray (out loud is best and on your knees in a quiet place), go to church, share our testimony, read the Ensign, study church books (The Miracle of Forgiveness, Church History, etc.), and other good wholesome things, we can feel him more. advice is to just seek after him (look for him, or try to listen to him). You will feel him. He will be around. It just takes practice and you will get to be good at feeling him. Ask Heavenly Father to give you a better sense of the spirit.

Sounds like there has been a lot of heat going on over there. Here it has been just down right....FREEZING! It’s been way worse than last year. It’s weird to think that it’s my last winter here. I don´t know what I am going to do when I get closer to getting home. What will I do?!

I think it would be really cool to get some candy and stuff. Anything will work for’s all good stuff. I promise to load up on the candy so you can try the stuff I have been eating here.

I love you all so much! Take care of yourselves. Things always get crazy...hard times come and God tries us and pushes us to our point. But never forget the basics...Just have faith that all will be ok and that God knows what he is doing.

With Love,



Osorno, Rahue, La Union (2)

Where’s Waldo??

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