Saturday, August 4, 2012

I’m Having a Good Time Still…Staying Positive


Hey Family!
I am working on the computer of the Family Lillo. They had problems with their internet. It’s been pretty weird working on systems again. I still can´t figure out what is wrong with it. It’s hard to work like this without all my old tools and shop set up. But I should be able to fix it. It has to do with Windows Vista...the beast of problems. Good to hear that the family is doing well. I am doing very well. It’s very cool to be herein the mission. Ian, I haven´t seen him in many years. It’s so weird. I wonder how he is doing. I think it would be cool to go back to see him someday. It’s weird he is still there in Tooele.

Sounds like Sam and Dad are having a good time with their horrible colds.  Sam will do a lot better when he has those papers in. It will give him the will to leave and see the place where he is going. He will always be much happier knowing that he is going to leave instead of just sitting around and waiting.

As for the whole baptizing thing...It’s hard a times because we are here. But it’s mostly my fault. It’s not the fault of the sector, the people, the companion, but in the end it’s my fault. If I do what I am supposed to do, and do it the way the Lord wants...I could have many more. It’s just hard to keep going at times when your having to do everything...trying to change your companion, and helping people let you in and get over their problems when you have your own. But, I am starting to get better at the whole thing. This week we have invited 3 people to be baptized but none of them have excepted because of family issues. They don´t want to be alone in the church. Just make sure that Sam, Josh, and Brock all know that in the end...they have to give it their all! If they don´t, they will never see the success they want. They must realize it is completely on them if they have success or not. It’s good...the work is real good. Haha
I am having a good time still...trying to stay positive but it’s hard at times! Just got to keep going......keep trying and all will go well. Sorry, I don´t have much time to write you all.

I love you all so much...I will send pictures with me and the stuff I got from the package. I got it just so you know...and Mom the whole operation will be easy. I know it seems scary but it’s me! I KNOW! HAHA....


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