Saturday, August 25, 2012

My new companion is Elder Barriga from Santiago!!!


Hey Family!

We just got done playing Futbol. I suck...haha

Glad to hear everyone is still alive and well. Sounds like a good Idea for Silas to learn to comes in handy.

This picture of Fezz sitting on a ping pong ball makes me laugh!!! He looks so funny...It’s funny he thought he had to take care of it like it was an egg.  I don´t really understand how he can do that or why....but hey, if he likes the practice. Sounds like the guy has the girlfriend flu. Poor guy just wants a date or two.

That’s crazy that James Swenson is going to serve his mission in Chile. Haha, Chile is a good place to serve and it’s way fun. Wow...can´t believe everyone is leaving Stansbury now. All the people I knew are now heading off and doing their own thing. How strange....It’s cool though. Going sky diving is so crazy! Sam´s got to be careful, but hey it would be cool to do it.

I got a new companion. Elder Larsen went up to Valdiva! How crazy is that...and I am here with a Chilean called Elder Barriga. He is from Santiago. He has about 6 months in the mission. I will send you a picture when I get a chance...I brought my camera, but forgot my cables. He’s really gangster and prideful, haha. We will get people baptized easy. There are many people to get there. What’s so that he teaches really well and it will be cool to get people going with this.

The mission is going really well. I am really glad to be here. Working all day long, and trying to rest as well as I can.

A member gave me a pen with my name on was so funny. She felt grateful for all the visits we do and all the help we try to give to her. She was baptized when she was little, then she left the church and did some really bad stuff. Now however, we are getting her back bit by bit. She´ll be getting married here in a little while.

It’s been really busy this week because of cambios, but things should go a lot better now. I am pretty happy with things at the moment. There haven´t been any crazy things yet this this next week will have some good stuff.

Have fun this week in school and take care.

PS, I took out 40 dollars to buy some things. Elder Larsen didn´t leave the money for the sector behind. So I gotta pay for things....

I love you all....

Take good care until next week.

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