Saturday, September 1, 2012

I am learning a lot about how to run a ward

Hey family!!

It’s awesome to hear that Brock is going to Florida! He is going to die of the heat there! He won´t have to worry about the snow for 2 whole years. However, there is a sad part...the END OF THE WORLD WILL BE HAPPENING WHILE HE IS IN THE MTC! Hahaha...

The mission work is going well here. The entire ward (not the entire ward but just about all of it) has gone into apostasy! Members are drinking tea and coffee...not keeping the Sabbath day, and all other types of sin! They are falling away and WE have to fix them all! The bishop, Elder Barriga, and myself are going to give talks next Sunday, what I like to call, THE ATTACK! Each one of us has a topic of which we will be talking about. I have been given the Word of Wisdom. We are starting weekly meetings with the head leaders of the ward. (This should of been happening before). I am learning a lot about how to run a ward. It seems like no one here is verifying anything. I can´t believe they want to be called Latter-day and yet act as children of the devil! Haha, very strong words. Sorry....I am not really actually mad nor stressed. I feel as calm as a summer’s morning. (Name that might not be exactly like that though). As for the’s slowing down. What’s happening is that my companion has gotten a bit lazy and not too obedient. I, however, am talking with him about it and we are working on the stuff that needs to be fixed. I am trying to live healthier. I run for 15 minutes everyday. We go out of the house and ran. He doesn´t cook anything good. Haha

I am learning a lot about the spirit...and I am trying to change and be a better leader. It’s really cool because I am learning a lot about verification. It seems that if you don´t breathe down people’s necks they don´t do anything of their own free will.

We don´t have any funny stories this week...maybe next week. Elder Barriga reminded me that I forgot my camera. Sorry...Elder Burge fail.

I love you all....keep doing the basics and keep the Sabbath day. We have to progress so we can get to the Holy Kingdom of God. I really desire that.

With Love


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