Saturday, September 22, 2012

Independence Day!

Hey family!

It’s been a long day today...we went to the church to play volleyball with the other missionaries. It was a really fun day, and for that same reason I am writing to you later than normal.

THE PICTURES ARE AWESOME! I can´t believe that Sam jumped out of a plane and he lived to tell the story. It was really fun to show Elder Barriga. It looks like you had a good time doing it. You don´t seem scared in the pictures at all...I thought you´d be crying like a baby....hmmm well done. for combios I don´t have the slightest Idea of what will happen this time around. Anything could happen. Some people already got changed whatever is going to happen is already made and done. Puerto Octay is about an hour from here. It’s a small village like Lago Ranco.

Fecha is date in English...which would mean in the mission that they have a date to be baptized...but sad part is that both people won´t be getting baptized. They didn’t come to church and so...well they won´t be able to be baptized.

When I get back Silas will be 6 ft 2 and playing basketball. Sounds like he is getting up there. How tall is he? Is he still skinny?

I am sending pictures to all of you. They are from the 18th (Independence Day). I have more videos than pictures so for that reason I won´t be able to send them to you.

Things here are a bit hard going...but we just gotta keep going and trying hard. At times I think Elder Barriga wants out of this place. Poor guy...I seem to always get companions who come from Sectors that are just on fire. I bet you he feels pretty down. I also think he got on the bad side of some of the members...hopefully things will clear up.

As for myself...I feel pretty good. Stressed at times, but doing pretty good. I have these amazing wants to work out though. I want to look like a stud. So, I am trying to do the best I can to work out and’s hard when you don´t have gym stuff.

Like I made mention before, the work here is doing good. I seem to do really well for the many challenges that are in the way. I think I got used to it. When you’re on the mission you become aware of the many faults you have. It becomes a challenge in and of itself. You have 2 options...kill it...or be killed by it. For me...I am struggling to kill it. When I get part of it down, it seems that I am blessed. For example, last week we showed up the entire Zone....then the beast shines it’s black fire head and the week begins to go back down. By the end of the mission I should have killed it all.

I am glad to see that you’re all doing well...and I am glad to hear Sam is almost there with his mission papers. Make sure that when Josh leaves for the MTC you take some good pictures of him or send some of the ones he takes.

I love you all so much.

Stay strong, read your scriptures everyday, and pray day and night.

DSC02028 (2)


Independence Day Dancing


Viva Chile!


Some of the party goers…

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