Saturday, September 8, 2012

Planting Seeds

Hey Family!

Glad to hear that all is going well for all of you. I am adding pictures now so you can all get a look at my current life. Its been a pretty slow P day...kinda nice to have one of those...We were playing with Mito the cat at the house and I am sending pictures of it to you. I am glad to hear everyone is feeling up a bit more. President Rappleye tells us that as Leaders we can´t be discouraged. We must have faith and let the others see that. If Brock dies during the end of the world in the MTC then he will get to see Moroni. There is a story that the mountains next to the MTC in Provo are the mountains where Moroni will come to blow his Trumpet

That would be so sick if Silas went there! I heard there in Germany they have some pretty sick places to see and visit. Silas is a lot like me...I have A TON of dreams about doing stuff...then like a week later it happens. It happens soooo much! Sometimes it sucks.

Things have gotten really quite "full of experience" (also known as hard). The other day an Area Seventy came and well...he talked about a lot of stuff we need to do in our sector. After the Conference...he pulled us aside to talk for a bit. We talked about the sector and the problems we have. I told him of my frustration that I wanted to see more people being baptized. He looked me straight in the face and said, "Your probably a sower of seeds, and  ¿QUE LE IMPORTA (What does it matter to you)? You’ve got to learn to be humble here in the mission." It hit hard...he then told me a few things that fit right in with my Patriarchal Blessing. I found President after and I said...those Seventy guys know their stuff. He laughed at me...

The new sister in my District went to BYU Idaho. She’s really cool and very sweet.

I love all mean so much to me. I will always try to honor the family name and make us known as good, strong Saints of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Take care,

Love Ben


DSC01873 (2)

Me and Elder Galarza

DSC01880 (2)

DSC01885 (2)

Elder Barriga and Me

DSC01926 (2)

Playing with Mito the kitty

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