Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last General Conference in the Mission Field

Hey Family! Before I forget...would you mind sending me some lickerish (I forgot how to spell it I CHOOSE YOU SPELL CHECK! DONE...hehe) I am glad you liked the pictures here are some more. We went to bowl today. It was ok. It could have been more fun. This might just be my last P-day on strange. Woot! Go ECUADOR WARD! Its good to hear that Sam has his interview. I think he will go to a place outside the states...I am thinking...CANADA! Or somewhere like unto the first.... This mission life is great...just have to be ready for crazy stuff and food. It will be weird to not see Sam for 4 years. But he’ll do good. Silas, having trouble in English class......the good old days. I am sure we are pretty close to the same type of person. I realize now that, like you said, was the reason that we fought. We are going to have a blast when we are back together. Halloween isn’t as big here. They do, do it here. Sounds like you had a good date night...I can honestly say I haven´t had a good steak like that for such a long time. Oh well...some day. I hope you all have a good conference this coming weekend. I hope to receive lots of good help. It is my last conference in the mission field! I love you all take care! Ben   DSC02087 (2)
Bowling on P-Day
DSC02104 (2)
Elder Barker about to juggle some bowling balls!
DSC02084 (2)
Bowling Fun
DSC02102 (2)
Elder Barker

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