Monday, May 23, 2011

Already got attacked by a dog

Hola! Thanks for writing to me haha. Its so different here but also not so different. I don´t know where to start. Let me start the good stories about all of this stuff. Two days ago we were out contacting and we got attacked by a dog! It was so crazy, I don´t know why he decided to attack us haha. I got to meet my zone, and they told me they have all been bitten a few times. Haha, I will try to attach pictures next week. I am not sure how it works plus I forgot to bring my camera with me today. Haha, I don´t have a lot of pictures yet because of the rain, and because I am still getting the hang of Chilean Life. I promise to send lots of pictures next week.I can see the picture you sent me.  I will get one of the members and a few more of the church.

My companion is Elder Muñoz. He is crazy, he does speak a tad of english but for the most part I am left to spanish. It is so very hard to speak it all the time...but I can contact, help in lessons, and everyone says my spanish is way good for only being here a week. Its way difficult because everyone speaks so freak´n fast! I found out that he is the Branch President, which means that I am now the first Counselor in this branch! The branch is only 26 people big. Our church is a house the Church bought, it is right in front of our house. Its so crazy, none of the houses keep any heat. I can see my breath 24/7, even on a hot day. The stairs are all the size of toothpicks and they are way steep. Our house is so small...we live in Lago Ranco. Its about 2 hours away from Osorno.

The food is kinda hard to eat sometimes, they have stuff I would never eat in it. I bought my first dounut in Chile at Santiago. That was super tough! The food overall is really good though. They seriously feed you so much food, I want to puke afterwards. Today, we are going to go grab something to eat.

This is only the second day with no rain, but its cloudy beyond belief. I have only had one day with sun, and the rest is just constant rain. The dogs are everywhere and some bark and attack, some sleep, and some follow you around. So far no fleas anywhere, which is great. Last night, right before we go in the house, two dogs came out and starting fighting. One of them killed the other right in front of strange! My Momita is great, her husband isn´t LDS but its been good. I can´t tell if she is offended when I ask for less food. Elder M says that shes not, but I am not to sure.

In the morning, I get a 6 minutes shower, because we are low on gas. I have 5 blankets on me at night haha, and we sleep in an attic. There seriously is not room in our house.  You should get on and look up the church. We are seriously a little house, in front of the church.

To be honest, its been super hard. Other times its way easy to just go with it. I am already use to the people, and the weather.

Tell everyone hi for me! Silas got braces? Haha, thats crazy! Its weird, all of them are finishing school for the year. Its super weird here for me. I am on the other side of the world, and its so strange. Some of the ward members had a guitar waiting for me at their house. Haha, they made me sing and play for them. They think I can sing well...they really don´t know what singing is then haha. They asked me if I liked Lady Gaga.

This town is super tiny, its like a Chilean Erda. No joke! Haha. We walk everywhere!

Tell Josh, hey for me. I can read his emails but I can only write to you and to my mission president. Sucks, but oh well.

I am teaching some of the members english. They have the funniest accents ever! They all like to say crap and freak a ton. Haha, I have been trying to speak more spanish and so far...nothing. They still speak super quick...I really hope I can get this down quick. I want to talk more!
I can´t think of anymore to say at the moment. Send me any questions, and I will try to send home some money pretty quick for the Gibbons and for you all. Its weird, because they are changing the bills here right now to this non-wrinkling and non-tearing bill. Its werid. Alright, well I will talk with you later. Bye!

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