Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Toe is Doing Well...Still Waiting for Flight Plans

Hey familia,
Lets start with the Toe...Its doing so well.  I got a Priesthood blessing and like no joke, 2 days after the surgery it was done healing. The Doc said it was in such good shape! I have been walking a lot and doing my daily Ninja Volleyball moves in gym. I love the priesthood so much! It was a huge ingrown toenail, and it doesn't even seem to have been that bad!
We are still waiting for our flight muy triste para nosotros! I have been trying hard to not be inpatient. It will be so cool when we do, we should get them around Friday hopefully.
I should be alright with the food, remember the 300 dollars I received before I left, that I didn't count as part of my mission money? Well, I am just about lasted me 2 whole months! So I will probably be pulling maybe...160 out for the flight to Chile...maybe less not really sure.
That silly Fezz! I can't believe he just now wants to eat potatoes! Haha, I love those. I miss him sometimes at do I miss all of you. Its weird, but I am glad I came to the MTC. It has been such a good experience for me here. I have grown up so much since the beginning. Its been so very weird here. I feel bad Fezz just molted. That means he's a big boy now! Haha, that makes me so happy. I bet he looks way good!
The Osama Bin Laden thing is crazy, everyone was talking about it during gym. The gym guy had the newpaper. Its so werid...but its great too!
I wanted to say Happy Mother's Day! Haha, you may recieve a call from a lady. She said she would call you for me. Haha, we will see if it happens. I love you so much! I miss you Mom, but I promise I will be home soon and safe. And I will make up for the missed Mother's Days, and birthdays by making you some really good Chilean food. And I will play you some Chilean songs, and it will an amazing time. Just  hang in there for me okay? And I will tell you all my stories and everything. Haha, I love you so much. Thanks for raising me the way you did, and thanks for letting me leave home to serve. Te amo, and Le quiere. haha

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