Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I did get my flight plans...Everyone is getting so nervous....

So, I did get my flight plans, but before I talk about that I need you to tell the Gibbons thanks for all the good stuff! And tell their son I will for sure send him some Chiliean money!
So lets see if I can remember what the flight plans are...I might have to send you the plans later.  First, I have to take Elder Larson to the Doc for one last check up. Oh, Elder Wood has the real plans! I do know that I am the travel leader for my group of 4. Its so weird! Everyone is getting so nervous, it's really sad.
Wait, Elder Wood doesn't have I will have to put it in the next email.
Its been so crazy this week, another apostle came to the MTC; It was Elder Anderson. I got to shake his hand, it was pretty normal until he like looked me straight in the eyes! My soul jumped a bit. It's a good way to end the MTC life and start the Chile Life.
I got to meet someone who went to my mission! He said that it rains a ton...not a lot of snow. Once, he said that it rained for a month and a half straight not letting up! I AM SO EXCITED.  He said he was chopping wood like none other! I will be a stud when I get home!
The language, well lets say its not too bad. I can talk with people who can only speak spanish! I HOPE, AND WISH, that I get a native companion!
I have to go for now...I will send another email today!
Love you all!

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