Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elder Scott & Blessings

How have you all been this week? I have been ok. Fighting the cold, or whatever I have, has been tough. Its funny, we just give blessings to each other to fix the problems we have.
I wanted to write to you about someone who came to visit us Tuesday. As you know, we set up the gym for the speakers that come. Phil, our boss, told us to make it look real we did. We started wondering why it had to look so good.  We polished everything and made everything nice and neat. Then before the fireside started, we were told to stand if an apostle were to come...GUESS WHO! Elder Richard G. Scott...holy cow is it weird to actually be 3 rows aways from him! The talk was so simple and straight forward. He looked like he had just gotten out of bed. He did something, however, that is rarely done (or so I'm told) he gave us an apostolic blessing. He conferred that the gift of tongues would be upon all who were in that room...he said that the language would no longer be a barrier. He said, we must still study, but to not focus of the language. He said to focus on what you're teaching (everyone says that though). But the feeling I got when he said that, made me feel...amazing. He blessed us with something I needed to know...although we are set apart and are blessed to receive the gift of tongues...he said he conferred it on us.
Its amazing, how people change here. My companion is changing...he works so hard now. It puts a smile on my face! I have been given the opportunity to give out a few blessings of comfort and a few healings. The other night, I let my will get int he way and I paid for it by getting sick myself. I wanted so badly for Elder Nolte to be better...but it wasn't God's will. God is very interesting to me sometimes. He seems to make us wait and tries our faith more than I could ever imagine. Sometimes I wish that I could do things that Jesus Christ did on the Earth. Its not what God needs me to do right now, and it really sucks. Haha, I love God though, and I know He loves me.
I love you all very much, I don't have any requests for the Easter package. I will let you surprise me!

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