Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Feel Like I'm at the bottom of the language cliff & my district is half way to the top

Hola mi Familia,
Its funny how you were talking about lifelong friends and about BYU...strangly enough one of my best buddies here that is going to the same place I am (Elder Hauver) and I have plans to hang out when we get back. He wants to catch up on all the movies, videogames, and music; I as well, wanted the same thing. Now we have plans to do so together, but he also wants me to come with him to BYU when I get back and live in his dorm with him and his 2 buddies. I am actually thinking about going to BYU maybe...
We have had pranks get pulled on us for about 1 straight week. We have had to fill out 2 reports because it caused damage to the carpet and forced security to cut a lock. Most of my roommates are mad, but for me...I am mad at the moment and I have forgiven whoever has done these things. They keep getting worse, but I must stay strong so I may have the Spirit with me. 
Teaching in Spanish went horrible. I'm at the bottom of the Language Cliff, and I am staring straight up and I can see all of my distrtict above me...half way to the top. Every step I take causes more problems...I can't seem to climb at all. During our TE, I couldn't speak any Spanish whatsoever, Elder Larson had to do most of the talking. I was able to understand what they said, I felt the Spirit, but I could only testify twice.  I just recieved a blessing from Elder Larson to help me along.  My language is good, but that one moment just brought me so far down...My faith is still so high; I merely just don't know why I wasn't able to speak nor teach. So now we have I think 4 or 5 more that we signed up for. Its funny, I keep dreaming in Spanish and I am fluent in my dreams! :D Loco....
And yes, Hijo is son haha.
Sam - 
DROID X, you suck.
See the computers just love me to death! Plus, I am so much better than you are at that stuff...(JK)...maybe....
Why aren't your letters more love felt? Do you not love me? What has happened to our relationship? I am so sad...
Silas -
Hey buddy, how are you doing? Are you going to write me? I would love to get a letter just from you...I miss you a lot. And remember, don't let your good looks get in the way of your awesome mind and soccer skills. Did I tell you, that I know someone who has played against Kyle Beckerman? Yes, that's right! He told me he is a really hard slide tackler and he played for BYU soccer, and was going to play for Real but he came here instead.
I love you all, I gotta get back to work so I don't repeat the TE problem.
Love Ben,
PS: I love you to Dad and Kayleigh! 
PSS: Amo ustedes muy mucho y para siempre!

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