Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I got to teach a Chilean guy!!!


So now the language is back to going well, but I am sure it will slow down pretty soon. Its amazing to me how that works. I just wish I could learn it quicker, so that I can speak all the time in Spanish. My district is going all Spanish Monday and it sucks. We also got changed from the normal learning program to PILOT, which is a weird setup. I am not sure how it will work, but I will let you know how I feel about it when we start it here soon.

For Dad - This morning I ate breakfast with a girl from Italy, Rome! She is going to Chicago on her mission. She was super funny, and turns out she learned English by reading the Book of Mormon (started 2 years ago). She has lived in the church all her life, and thought it would be a great thing to do seeing as how she wanted to serve a misson!

Its crazy, next Tuesday we will be the older district here at the MTC, and that kinda scares me. We had another group leave yesterday. Its super sad, because I really miss my friends I made here. But, we have all planned to stay in contact with each other as much as possible. I need to write Elder Clark... Anyway, we are half way done! It sucks because we don't remember the date and days seem to form into each other. I can't believe I have been here almost a month! It feels like I just got here the other day.

Me and my companion are getting along so much better now than when we first met each other. We don't fight, even though we get on each other nerves. His buddy got called out early from the MTC (he had a 3 day flight to get to the Philippines) so now that he's gone its made it a little easier.

I've been thinking about school...and I may want to go to BYU. I love the people here, and most of them go to BYU. Plus, I can see the campus from some of the rooms here. Plus, if I go there I already know a few people anyway, so that would be pretty sweet.

Thanks for sending all the food and candy and stuff. We have been trying to eat as much as we can. I found out if I leave it on the desk, people will help me eat it. Its so hard to eat it all by myself. Its funny, how food goes around here. Whenever a district leaves our food supply goes way up!

Not much has happened these past couple of days...which kinda sucks cause I don't have too many good stories. Oh, wait I do have one! The other day in class we were talking (in Spanish) and Elder Hauver said something like we heat the water, and somehow he really said, I like hot grandmas! Haha, it was funny to watch Hermana Verwear's face turn red with laughter! She told him not to say that, and he laughed so hard when he found out why!

I learned for the dogs in Chile to stomp my foot down and say Sale! My teacher said, "It should be Sal...so I don't know why they say Sale." I then replied, "Its because the dogs in Chile are scared of Canadians Eh!" It was so funny, the entire class burst out laughing! Its sad, we will be getting new teachers in a week or two because the semester ends at BYU.

I have so many strange dreams, and no matter how much sleep I get I am always tired here at the MTC. But I've been told you never feel rested, so just get used to it.

In gym, I play f
our square
and its amazing because I am really good at it. I am probably the 3rd best player in our gym time. But, the other day this girl started playing and I had never noticed her before. So I started talking to her while we played four square (by the way four square is a very popular game here, its a huge line to wait in) and she seemed really cool and everything. She said she hadn't played four square before, then she gets into the first square and she starts playing like it's volleyball! I was laughing so hard because she was getting people out left and right! It was amazing, so now every time she plays we laugh, because she plays so strangely, but it works so well! Elder Jensen has some sweet moves, too. He can spin it and it stops right as it hits the ground. Its amazing...how many people play weirdly.

I love you all very much. I am so glad I came on this mission. It is helping me in so many ways...and I haven't even left the MTC yet.

Real quick, I got to teach my first Chilean guy! I LOVED HIM! He was so funny!

Give Fezz head scratches for me and let him know I will be home in a couple years...I think he can wait. I miss him so much!


Elder Burge (Boor-he) Remember to roll the R

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