Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whoa...its been a quick, long week!

Whoa...its been a quick, long week! The days are so slow, but the time overall is so quick! 4 Weeks till we leave, we are the oldest district and I taught in todo espanol yesterday! The MTC is changing how it does things, and my district gets to be in the middle of the change! I am so ready to be out of the MTC.
Finally, I met a teacher who didn't understand spanish leaving the MTC! She was telling us all about how it took her 6 months to understand and speak. Then another 4 months to acutally learn the grammar behind it! I am so ready, and we have heard all about the food in Chile...apparently they have lots of fruit and some weird desserts! I promise to learn how to make them for all of you back home so when I get back I can make them!
My plaque is up finally! Yeah, its was D&C 31:3. I have shared it with my class on 2 occasions, they love that scripture for some reason.
So I may have gotten strep throat...I am not sure yet but I may have to go the doctor here at the MTC... That kinda blows... 2 other people in my district have gotten sick and had to miss a day of class...I hope I am not next!
Wow, only 2 kids this weekend! How lucky are you?! It must be so weird seeing your kids now, finally, heading off into the big world. This experience has made be realize being on my own will be amazing (at least so far). I will be going to a new land and oh how beautiful it is! Hopefully, I can see Sam before he leaves on his mission. Its funny, now that we have been here for 5 weeks or so people are getting less letters and things. They all seem so sad about that...but I am not sure why. We all know we are loved, and just because we don't get letters doesn't mean they have forgotten us. Plus, we are so busy we don't really have much time to write.
Our P-Days are getting more full of things to do...so the only time I get to relax is writing letters and at the meals here. It kinda sucks, but oh well. Can't know happiness without pain, and sorrow.
Oh my goodness, the birds! What is happening to them?! Maybe Muffin thinks I am dead, and feels bad for you so he is being nice?! I miss Fezz and his little head. I miss his little noises and all of that good stuff...haha its weird because I haven't had birdie presents on my shoulder in over a month! I am sure though, you get plenty so its all good.
My spanish is going ok again, but I do not have much hope that it will stay like that for long...OH! We finally can just wear our white shirts without the need for a suitcoat! Makes me so freak'n happy! It has gotten hot...here. One day it snows, the next its super hot...I don't like it! I kinda want the cold. But I say that now, and when I get to Chile I will say...I WANT HEAT!
I love you all so very much, and I am glad I was able to come serve this mission. It has made me rethink my view on the church. I kinda wish I would of gone to church more often. This like I have now is such a good life. I don't worry about myself, and take care of others. And in return for living that way, I get to be taken care of by God. Simply amazing...siempre!
Well, off I go...to the TEMPLE! WHOAAAAA!!! YAAA!!!!!
(2 hours later)
(P.S Name that show!)

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