Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ingrown Toe Nail & P-Day Change

Hey family!
Sorry, the schedule here at the MTC has changed, and so now I get one email day, and its Miercoles. Its been very intersting around here, as you probably know I had a bit of a surgery on me left big toe. [Ben had an ingrown toe nail].  It was crazy cool, I got to watch and see him rip my toe apart. It was werid because I could see into myself...Elder Larson was so funny, making weird faces watching him do it. The shot only hurt like an allergy shot. Today, my toe is healing...a little bleeding, but its all good.
I have been having such a fun time...less than 3 weeks away and we could have our flight plans by this Friday! We are all so excited, I got to leave the MTC campus for the toe thing and it was way funny to see how many people want to talk to you!
Thanks for the package...I ate all my Cadbury Eggs already, all by myself! I buy milk eveynight when I am eating them! Its been quite a few weeks here, but I have my little luxurious things. I am so happy that I am eating pretty well here.
I miss you all very much.  Well, I am going to go...I have to finish my laundry before I run out of time. Haha

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